🥇Best Analog Weighing Machine in India 2023 : Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

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MCP Deluxe Stuffhoods Original Deluxe GVC
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Best Analog Weighing Machine in India: We all want to be in good shape at some point in life. Nobody wants to gain weight uselessly but just can’t help. Many blame junk foods, unnecessary hangouts, obesity, etc. for weight gain. On the other hand, diabetic and low blood pressure patients blame stress for their weight loss. It takes a lot of effort to get back in shape. Healthy food nutrients, a proper diet, and workouts can shape your body. Being said all that, it is always a good option to keep a weighing machine at home. One can check upon his/her weight on daily basis. The weighing machine also acts as a motivator for many, especially the ones who are really concerned about their health.

Another big advantage of weight machine is that users can check the weight of different items say sugar, rice, wheat, oil etc. The user can check whether the products purchased from malls, grocery shop etc are in accurate weight or not. This acts as a plus point for users to lodge a complaint at the food safety department. To add on more beneficial point, there are a lot of different weighing machines which can hold high weight say luggage, trolley weight etc. These machines are very spacious for measuring almost anything.


Best Analog Weighing Machines in India 2023

Below is a list of best analog weighing machines in which you shall find common elements, almost for all. Say, an analog weighing machine features zero caliber knob, robust configuration with a rubber pad on top, a metal body with bold markings etc. Almost all analog weighing machines are battery less except for a few which still run on battery.

#1. MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale

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The MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale is a sturdy and strong machine that shows accurate reading – clear and bold markings. It consists of a metal body and features a rubber layer in the standing area. You get a consistent grip when checking on the weight. There is a zero calibration scroll wheel present under the machine. You can adjust the pointer to zero for removing the error before measuring the weight. The weight of the machine is 1Kg 400 grams and it has a holding capacity up to 130Kg. It shows the reading in kgs and lbs. The machine runs on plug point, there is no hassle of changing the batteries. However, the machine is useful only for those persons whose shoe size in under 7 inches.


  • Rust proof
  • Lightweight body
  • Battery less item
  • Robust construction


  • Cannot measure upper lengths than 7 inches

#2. StuffHoods Original Deluxe Personal Manual Analog Weighing Scale

StuffHoods Original Deluxe Personal Manual Analog Weighing Scale

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The StuffHoods Original Weighing Scale is a value for money product. The weighing machine is good and works just fine for the purpose. It is a perfect tool to keep your workouts on track. Like other analog machines, the machine also follows a rubber standing layer for easy gripping of foot. Same goes for the zero calibration button, there is a knob present at the bottom for resetting the machine to zero reading.


  • Fine gripping
  • Zero calibration button
  • No batteries required
  • Sturdy built


  • 10 days replacement

#3. GVC Manual Weighing Scale

GVC Manual Weighing Scale

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The GVC Manual Weighing Scale comes in a superb blue-colored square boxed type designed body. This time the company has focused more on the looks. The machine is of high built metal quality, you get a large display with an accurate reading. The durable constructed body can uphold weight up to 130Kgs. The common feature, zero adjuster knob is highly precised and moves in quickly.


  • Bold markings
  • Good metal body
  • Nice looks
  • Zero Adjustable Dial


  • 10 days returnable

#4. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale EQ-BR-9201

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale EQ-BR-9201

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The Equinox Personal Weighing Scale EQ-BR-9201 is a solid constructed weighing scale whose weight holding capacity is around 130Kgs. The item is not completely metal as the blue top seen is a toughened material. On the common points, the machine is a battery less item which follow the zero adjuster button.


  • High accuracy
  • Durable construction
  • Can measure up to 130Kg
  • Zero caliber knob


  • 10 days replacement

#5. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale Eq-Br-9015

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale Eq-Br-9015

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The Equinox Personal Weighing Scale Eq-Br-9015 is a twin brother of EQ-BR-9201. This model can withstand up to 120Kg rather than 130Kg. Except for a 10Kg difference weight holding capacity, the Eq-Br-9015 follows almost all the same features as his brother. The machine packs in a solid platform and weighs 1Kg 430gms. You get a quick responding result, thanks to the well-built configuration. The markings are bold, easy to read. Equinox is a branded weight machine, used by most doctors in India.


  • Accurate results
  • Tough body
  • Easy to read
  • Zero adjuster button


  • 10Kgs less capacity than its twin model

Best Analog Weighing Machines in India 2023 : Buying Guide

There is a lot of confusion for many people to select the best Analog weighing machine from so many options. The above mentioned list is just a guide for a few weighing machines as the count is vast if we look upon the entire market. However, there are a few other things which need to be considered before buying a weighing machine.

Product size

Firstly, the user should check upon the exact size he or she wants. As stated earlier, there are products which offer limited size holding capacity i.e. not more than 7 inches shoe size. So, for the ones who are taller with 8 inch foot size it becomes difficult to select the best weighing machine. The thing which the user can do is call the seller and ask the person clearly about the space measurement for standing while weighing.


Usability is also one of the biggest key roles for buying. The customer should keep a check upon the usage before buying. This can be done by reading the reviews of the people who have already purchased the product. The user can simply go to the product page, select any product as per the requirement and click the review button for seeing comments, images etc.


Nowadays, different weighing machines come with a lot of functions. One must look upon the different features available in a weighing machine. This will help the user to understand the product in more depth. In this way, the customer can judge better which product to buy as per the budget and demand.

Reliable brand

For a brand, it takes a lot of effort and time to get a goodwill name in the market. A reliable brand is always trustworthy. In terms of buying, people alway give the first priority to famous brands, which is very common. There are many newcomers and unknown brands who are trying hard to compete by manufacturing cheap products. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for a reputed brand so that you get the best service when required. Before buying, the user can check out the brands name over website, discuss with friends, see if any neighbor is using the same product etc.

Question and answers:-

How do I know that which is the best analog machine?

As said earlier, this completely depends upon your requirement and budget. You can compare it all and select the best one.

Which is the best brand for buying a weighing machine?

All the above mentioned brands are good. Some default in the hardware might have led to the negative reviews. Else, you can go for any of the one stated above.

I am confused seeing the reviews. I am not getting which product to buy?

This is a genuine question. If you see the reviews of any product, you will see both the sides of the coin. It is so because nothing is completely perfect in this world. Anyways the negative reviews are present because of some hardware default problems. On the other hand, many fake sellers sell false products from which the audience needs to beware. It is not the fault of the product page or website. It is the complete fault of the cheat sellers.

Can my three small kids stand together in the weighing machine at the same time?

Yes, surely if they fit into the space. However, it is advisable that no one should jump on the machine as it may lead to inbuilt damage of the weighing machine.

I got a different product than the weighing machine which I ordered. What should I do?

You can simply call the customer care and ask them for help. If things don’t work out, then also keep knocking unless your complain is taken on a serious note. After that, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

My product isn’t working after 3 months. What should I do?

You need to call the service number provided on the carton box. If you don’t find any helpline number, then the chances are that the seller is fake. The next thing you can do is call up the product page helpline number and tell them your query. They will surely find a way out to solve your problem.

Why do all analog weighing machines look the same?

This indeed is a very common question. Yes, you are right that all the analog machines look same. Actually, different brands are competing with each other. For your benefit, you can go for any product by seeing its positive reviews.


On an end note, the above-mentioned list contains some of the solid best analog weighing machines in India. An analog machine stands for the term “simplicity” rather than too many smart buttons. These are suitable options for people who want to follow the classic tradition of weight checking rather than today’s digital machine. It is all upon your choice to pick up the best one as per the budget and convenience. So what makes you wait? A kick-start step for a healthy body is never too late.

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