🥇Best HealthSense Weighing Scale Reviews 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

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A healthy and fit body is always a trend for fitness freak and health concerned people. One of the major requirements for this is a weighing scale. A weighing machine is not only handy for checking weight but it also acts as a motivator for many people. A user friendly weighing machine with elegant looks is always worth your wallet expenses. It is always a good option go for a lightweight weighing scale which can uphold a heavy weight body.

There are a lot of different weighing machines available in the market today. But it is really confusing for a user to select the best out of it. Below is a list of a few handpicked weighing machines loaded with the best features and technology. These machines are well crafted to fit in any ambience for your health goals. We have made a list of these weighing machines keeping in mind about different factors i.e. superb design, lightweight body, easy to operate, more details about different body compositions etc. The different weighing machines listed below feature few common elements i.e. a durable body, bright display, quick sensors, accurate readings, big platform etc.

#1. HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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The HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 is an all-rounder weighing machine that is worth your penny. It packs in a slim body yet has a tough sturdy glass platform. It features a translucent glass in the middle; add to the décor of your choice. For safety, the body is equipped with anti-collision curved edges. There is a blue backlit display present which shows the reading in black fonts. The sensors are quick to respond and the stain-resistant surface requires just minimal cleaning. The room temperature is displayed as soon as you switch on the machine or step upon it. You get an indication of overload weight or low battery when any such circumstances come. The horizontally striped glass designed body with curved edges is all set to suit your needs.


  • Toughened glass
  • Sturdy configuration
  • Displays room temperature
  • Anti-collision curved edges


  • Elegant looks
  • 1 year warranty
  • Accurate reading
  • Batteries included

#2. HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

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Value for money, The HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 features a lightweight body and offers 13 different body composition measurements. The machine is all set to trigger the accounts of 24 different user profiles. It has a robust body with toughened glass and it takes very few seconds to switch on and calculate. It hardly takes 6 seconds for boot, 4 seconds to connect and 2 seconds for data transferring. It is filled in with BIA technology featuring highly precise sensors for accurate calculation. There is a bright white display that shows readings in large fonts. You can sync the data with different fitness apps. Overall, the machine is a complete analysis for family, relatives, friends etc. The built quality of the machine is good and it is easy to use.


  • Skid-proof rubberized sensors
  • 13 different body compositions
  • Can store data up to 24 user profiles
  • Strong surface with toughened glass


  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight body
  • 2 batteries included
  • CE, RoHS, FDA approved


  • Slightly expensive

#3. HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale & HealthSense Chef-Mate KS40 Digital Kitchen Food Weighing Scale

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale & HealthSense Chef-Mate KS40 Digital Kitchen Food Weighing Scale

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The Health Sense Company offers a combo pack this time – The Ultra-Lite PS 126 and the Chef-Mate KS40. Both follow the looks of a Wi-Fi router which has been expanded from all sides. Let’s check out the classification below.

The HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale is a quality and efficient machine which shows consistent readings. The sturdy ABS material body with Sense on technology monitors perfect calculation and measurement. The skid proof designed body can check weight up to 180kg. You can measure the weight in three different units – kg,lb and st.

The HealthSense Chef-Mate KS40 Digital Kitchen Food Weighing Scale is a great option to go for in this budget. One of the best features which make this machine apart from others is its unique design. The rounded hoop present makes it easy for the user to hang it anywhere as per convenience. The concave rectangular design with elegant looks also makes this machine worth buying. Talking about the configuration, it features a clear LCD display with large black fonts. Other features include auto-off, unit conversion button, tare function etc. The company claims that the battery life of the machine is around 6 months when used twice a day.


  • Rounded hoop
  • Sense on technology
  • Non-breakable ABS body
  • Unique design for hanging it on any hook


  • Quick reading
  • 1 year warranty
  • Batteries included
  • Large LCD display


  • No cons to show

#4. HealthSense Blue-Orbit PS 139 Digital Body Weight Personal Bathroom Weighing Scale

HealthSense Blue-Orbit PS 139 Digital Body Weight Personal Bathroom Weighing Scale

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The HealthSense Blue-Orbit PS 139 stands for the term “Glow in the Dark”. The machine although being very light in weight itself, can withstand weight up to 180kg. It has got an eye-catching design, looks like a disco light or a fancy speaker. The blue circle of neon light simply looks awesome. It is activated as soon as you step on it. The bright red LED display present can be read from any angle. The measurement is accurate and precise, thanks to the highly configured inbuilt G sensors. Talking about the body, the machine is equipped with black tempered glass and curved edges. The glass outside is fortified in order to avoid damage and breakage. You get a perfect foot space in the platform for standing comfortably while weighing.


  • Fortified glass
  • Lightweight body
  • Cool blue neon light
  • Anti-collision round design


  • Awesome looks
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 batteries included
  • High-precision G sensors


  •  No cons to show

#5. Health Sense Classic BP120

Health Sense Classic BP120

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The Health Sense Classic BP120 and the Health Sense PS 117 are two different weighing machines from the Health Sense Company. A combo pack in such a low price range makes it a hard decision for any user to ignore them. Let’s look into both of them separately.

The Health Sense Classic BP120 – This weighing machine counters a wide arm cuff that fits comfortably in any arm – regular or large-sized (22-42cm). One of the best features which make this weighing machine out-of-the-box is the USB port availability. The adapter and battery ports are present in this machine for usage in times of need. The weighing machine rightly stands and justifies the quote – “save on battery, save on adapter”. The sensors featuring Oscillometric Technology provides accurate results. The machine outputs a wide range of readings such as – body movement indicator, irregular heartbeat measurement, diastolic and pulse rate reader etc. The machine is worth buying for all, especially the patients who need to check their blood pressure regularly. The machine not only saves your time for visiting a doctor every now and then, but also your pocket expenses for doctor visit and travelling. Hence, it is always cost-effective to check the blood pressure at home.

The Health Sense PS 117 – This weighing machine packs in an anti skid platform, symmetrically designed on jet black ultra-thin glass base. The ergonomically curved edges are well made for the safety of the users. The machine follows elegant style with superb looks. Like other weighing machines, the Health Sense PS 117 also feature G sensor which gives accurate results. You can check a body weight up to 180kg. Other options in this machine are low battery indicator, overweight indicator etc


  • Oscillometric Technology
  • Large self-lit LCD display
  • USB support on the cuff reader
  • Heartbeat, pulse rate calculator


  • Killer looks
  • Accurate readings
  • Worth buying a combo pack
  • 1-year warranty on both the products


  • No cons to show

Buying Guide

Many users find it hard to select the best products for them. Thereby, buying guide helps you get a better idea for choosing a product. Guidelines, user manuals do play a pivotal role in making your mindset before buying any item. Many users do find these instructions not worthy. But somehow or the other, the buying guide does make doubts a little clearer.


The first and the foremost thing is to select what size of body you are looking forward to buy. Say for example, you want to place the weighing machine in your living room permanently which has less space, then you need to check the dimensions of the room and product as to whether it will fit or not. Nonetheless, the above list contains lightweight body weighing machines, so it will be easy for you to place it from one place to other in case the house is occupied.

Saving space

The above list contains small-sized weighing machines, which easily fits in, wherever you keep it. One of the best options for a kitchen worker is to go for the weighing machine with rounded hoop. It is a perfect choice for saving your space. You can place it in the kitchen or any other hook present (within your shoulder height). This comes in handy as you can pick it up easily without bending your body. Other weighing machines also won’t occupy much of your room area.

Long battery backup

You also need to check out a weighing machine with good battery backup. Some weighing machines claim to run for a year or half with the batteries included. On the other hand, the above list contains a blood pressure monitor which can be charged via USB. This is indeed a great buy for a diagnosed person.

About the company

Healthsense Weighing Scale Company manufactures a variety of weighing machines featuring different designs and colours. Offering different weighing machines, from simple glass scales to patterned, dotted ones to the ones with motivational quotes, the company clearly stands out to be a good competitor for others. The brand is very trustworthy, which and produces durable and credible quality weighing scales. Healthsense weighing scale Company is one of the best companies to provide you weighing machines within a suitable budget.


Now that all being said, these were some of the best lightweight machines available from the Healthsense Company. Now, you need to figure out which category of weighing machine you are looking forward to buy. In case if you are a patient who is really concerned about health and has to go for a regular B.P checkup, then you can go for the combo pack – Health Sense Classic BP120 and Health Sense PS 117. If you are a kitchen worker who wants to hang the weighing machine on a hook for saving space, then you can opt for Ultra-Lite PS 126. Other weighing machines which offer such great designs are also worth buying.

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