🥇Best Pet Weighing Scale in India 2021 : Reviews and Buying guide

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#1 Generic Beige #2 W.C Redmon Precision #3 Pet Electronic Weighing Spoon
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Best Pet Weighing Scale in India 2021 : Many people consider pets as their most closest to the heart. A concerned breeder always follows a tight diet schedule for their little ones. A pet owner gets tensed when their dear ones are stuck by any health disease, weight loss or gain etc. Therefore, a pet weighing machine becomes one of the mandatory options not only for veterinarians but also serious breeders, groomers etc.

Looking upon this factor, many companies have manufactured a lot of different pet weighing machines. Some are lightweight for small unit reading and the heavy ones are built for measuring large weight unit. It all depends upon the demand of the people as per their need. Below is a list of three best pet weighing scales in india.

#1. Generic Beige : Multifunction Digital 1.8″ LCD Display Screen Lightweight Pet Dog Cats Scale

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The Generic Beige Multifunction Scale is a good option for the people who want a basic weighing machine (for their pets). It comes in a well designed rectangular shape and is equipped with a large display. The solid metal body can withstand weight up to 150Kg. It can measure two units – kg and lb and runs on two AAA batteries. In terms of design, the smooth surface tray gives your pet the utmost comfort.


  • Good looks
  • Sturdy body
  • Smooth surface
  • Can measure weight up to 150Kg


  • 10 days returnable

#2. W.C Redmon Precision Digital Pet Scales

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The W.C Redmon Precision Digital Pet Scale is one of the best options for a serious breeder. It features a wide range of readings say – lbs, kgs, delta weight calculation, graduation, previous weight memory, low battery indicator etc. Talking about the body, the company leaves behind no complains to ignore the model. The sturdy body is well designed with non-slip points for fine gripping. The machine is sleek, slim and easy to use.


  • Nice design
  • Many options in display
  • High precised sensor
  • Non-slip points in the body


  • Expensive

#3. Pet Electronic Weighing Spoon Detachable Digital Scale

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The Pet Electronic Weighing Scale is crafted for the ones who want to feed their pets with an accurate measurement. This machine is suitable for measuring the food and water quantity in a limited unit (up to 800gm). It is a great choice for all, especially the pregnant and new born ones who are looked upon with extra care. Even many veterinary doctors recommend this product for the weak pets and those with any disease. The machine is lightweight, weighing just 90 grams. However, one of the biggest drawback points of the machine is that there is no warranty available.


  • Lightweight
  • Detachable
  • Accurate reading
  • Ideal for pregnant, new born ones etc


  • No warranty

Pet weighing Scale in India 2021 : Buying Guide

Pet lovers should keep in mind a lot of points before buying a pet weighing machine in India . Many pet owners cannot decide the best one for their personal home usage. This might sound a little hilarious but going through the guidelines surely makes the picture clearer. You can a bright view of different factors before buying a product, making it easy to choose the best pet weighing machine for long run.

Product size

The first and the foremost point while buying a pet scale machine is the product size. In case the breeder wants to keep the machine at a fix place permanently, then it suitable to go for a heavyweight larger size machine with many features. On the other hand, there are a lot of different users who want to store their machine in a cupboard or shelf after usage. For them, a lightweight machine is a perfect choice. However, one must notice that a lightweight machine holds limited features. Keeping all things aside, the biggest condition is the size of your pet. A large pet with a lot of weight will surely require a large platform whereas it is vice versa for a small pet.


The second point is that you should make sure to buy the machine which is easy to operate. A machine with many different features is good for serious breed lovers who want to check in all the details of their pet.


The user needs to see a weighing machine which has a lot of different features. There are machines in high price range but for many users budget does matter. Therefore, it is recommended that the user can go to the ‘sort’ option of any product page and tick mark their requirements i.e. ‘price range’, ‘low to high’, ‘avg. customer reviews’ etc.

Reliable brand

One must look upon a reliable brand for better options. Now the question arises that which company or brand is the best? Well, the answer to it is that you can check out the reviews and ratings of different weighing machines. In this way, you can compare the best ratings machines than a poor quality machine.


The above list mentioned gives you an idea about three best pet weighing machines in india. The first one is a basic inexpensive model, suitable for the breeders who just want to check the weight of their pets on regular basis. The second one is a bit expensive, a tight sturdy body with different readings. The last one is a detachable spoon machine for feeding your dear ones followed by an accurate measurement. So what are you waiting for? You can try on the best one for your pet depending upon the requirement.

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