6 Types of Weighing Machine in India

While buying a weight machine, the first and the foremost thing to know are the different types of variants. By going though the different categories of weight machine, you get an idea about its functions. This helps you to select the best machine as per your demand and requirements. Below is a list of the 6 types of weighing machines to give you a little clearer picture for choosing the most suitable option.

Types of Weighing Machine

Digital Weighing Machine – Hoffen

One of the most popular type of weighing machine is the digital weighing machine. These machines are easier to read and are more accurate in comparison to the traditional machines. It is equipped with a large LCD display for showing weight information. There are a lot of other machines which not only shows the weight information but also other information. Most of the digital weighing machine runs on batteries. Advanced options namely, memory function, auto shut down feature etc. makes it a suitable option for the users to buy.

Analog Weighing Machine – MCP Deluxe

The analog weighing machine is also popular among the masses since many decades. It is an ideal choice for the ones who want a hassle free weighing machine at home. The machine is well designed keeping in mind for the users who want buy a reliable, long lasting machine. Unlike digital display, the machine fits in a needle for pointing the weight reading. However, the analog weigh machine is not as accurate as the digital machine.

Smart Weighing Machine – Mi Body

The smart weighing machine is one of the best options for all, especially fitness freaks, body builders etc. It not only shows the weight but also features a wide range of different information about your body. It ensures you to understand your body well. The machine is worth buying for old aged person who are more concerned about their health. In simple words, the machine is a complete training program for you.

Electronic Weighing Machine – Bulfyss Advanced

An Electronic Weighing Machine is the most common machine used in a grocery shop. It provides accurate digital reading and is easy to carry. Nowadays, these machines are available on three different types for running – USB charging, pluggin socket and battery.

Baby Weighing Machine – Paxmax

A Baby Weighing Machine is an ideal choice for the parents who are more concerned about the health issues of their children. You can keep a track record of your child’s weight on regular basis. The machine is equipped with a smooth curved platform in order to cradle your baby comfortably.

Pet Weighing Machine – TeaTime

For pet lovers, who want to put up a routine weight check up of their little ones, the Pet Weighing Machine is the answer. It not only helps you to know the weight of the normal ones but also the pregnant ones. A user can easily opt for a normal weight machine but the Pet Weighing Machine gives more precision reading.


These were some of the best options for which you can go for. Keeping that apart, there are a lot of different weighing scales, but one needs to be sure that which is the right model for you. Keeping all factors in consideration, requirements, budget, brand etc. you can opt for the best in class.

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