Best Bathroom Weighing Machine in India 2020 : Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Bathroom Weighing Machine in India 2020 : In today’s time, everyone is getting more health conscious and diet conscious as well. Diet consciousness will eventually lead to betterment of health. There is a new craze among the modern generations to know their weights from time to time. Some of them are so obsessed with the process that they have permanently purchased a weighing machine for their homes. Everyday, they would weigh and then chart out their meals for the day accordingly. It is said that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body and so you ought to keep your body active and healthy. Now, how can you do that? It is simple. You have to chart out your diet, track your weight at regular intervals and improve your diet accordingly.

Psychological researches have proved that if a weighing machine is kept at home, a person automatically gets a bit conscious about his or her weight. With the help of a weighing machine in the house, you can easily check your weight anytime and thus when you will check your weight, you will know whether to increase your weight or decrease it and you will plan your entire workout according to that.

There are proofs that many people have saved themselves from being a prey to diabetes, obesity, heart attack and other such diseases that are caused due to being underweight or overweight. They constantly kept checking their weight with the help of a household weighing machine and improved their lifestyle.

Experts are of the opinion that a weighing machine, if being purchased for household purposes, should always be kept in or near the bathroom. When you are done with morning ablutions and you check your weight, you get the most accurate reading. There is a reason to it. When you are done with morning dumping and you have not eaten anything, that is the time your stomach is empty and no extra weight is there inside the body. So, when you check the weight on an empty stomach, you get the most accurate results.

So, here we come to the essence for which this article has been written: bathroom weighing machines. Now we will have a look on some of the best and the most compatible weighing machines that can easily be placed in the bathrooms and can be used anytime(best results when used in morning). But before we proceed and check the weighing machines, there are certain points that we shall keep in mind before purchasing one. These points are as follows:

Now, we move towards the top most sought after bathroom weighing machines in 2019:

Best Bathroom Weighing Machine 2020

Venus electronic bathroom scale

This product from Venus is very reliable and is the one with quality. It is a digital weighing machine and comes in purple colour which looks very beautiful. The G sensors fitted in the machine ensure high accuracy of the readings. The digital screen is also big enough to be easily visible and it can weigh anywhere from 5 kilograms to 180 kilograms. It is also skid proof so it ensures safety.

Mcp glass bathroom weighing machine(digital)

This digital weighing machine comes in glass form and looks absolutely stunning and superb. It is circular in shape and is very pleasant to eyes. It has a transparent design. The device has all the necessary censors and an automated on/off switch. It is a very good machine to opt for.

Gadget tree bathroom weighing machine

This bathroom weighing machine is presented to us by the company Gadget Tree and comes in digital form. This too is made of glass material and is transparent. The glass used in making this device is 8mm thick tempered glass. It has an LED display and it also indicates the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. It is circular and looks very attractive. It has a maximum weighing range of 180 kilograms. The sensors are very efficient and also indicate if the device is overloaded.

Digital weighing machine from Round

This best bathroom weighing machine comes from the makers of Round. To match the company’s name, the product is itself circular shaped and is proven to be one of the best weighing machines for bathrooms, in the industry right now. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 150 kilograms. It is digital and transparent. A unique touch in this machine is that you can the change the unit of weight according to your suitability, a feature absent in all the above-mentioned weighing machines. The sensors are also very efficiently and you also get an on/off switch to save the battery.

One Pearl digital bathroom weighing machine

This product from the company One Pearl is yet another best bathroom weighing machine in our list and has all the necessary features. This device also, is made of toughened glass and is completely transparent. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 150 kilograms. It looks attractive and is very comfortable to use. Being compact in size, it can be easily kept inside the bathroom.

Zaap Fit-1 digital weighing scale

The zaap Fit-1 digital bathroom weighing scale is yet another scale which is counted among the best bathroom weighing machines in the market. The material used in making of this weighing machine is tempered glass and it is a toughened glass too. It looks extremely premium and has high accuracy sensors for correct readings. It also comes with automatic on/off switches that ensure that batteries are saved.

Type of weighing scale

Like all other weighing machines, the bathroom weighing machines also come in three different types: i) analog weighing machine, ii) digital weighing machine and iii) body fat and weight machine. The analog machine is simple. It has a meter which displays the reading. When you stand on the plate, the needle measures your weight and points on the appropriate number. But there is a disadvantage with this machine. With use over time, the spring and other small parts inside the machine get tampered and thus indicate inaccurate results.

Coming on the digital weighing bathroom scales, these scales are very good in terms of reading. They are automatically calibrated. Also it digitally displays the reading so you get the exact result. It is also more preferred than the old analog machines and also looks stylish and classy.

The last type of machine is completely different from the above two. It not only measures the weight but also measures the bmi, body water Percentage, bone density, etc.

Best Bathroom Weighting Scale 2020 : Buying Guide

  1. Maximum weighing capacity- Every type of machine has its own weighing capacity. While the analog machine comes with maximum weighing capacities of 100 kg, 120 kg, and 150 kg variants, the digital one comes in 100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg, and 180 kg variants. The body fat and weight machine also comes in the same variants as of digital weighing machines.
  2. Ambience- The bathroom weighing machines are designed in such a way so that they can withstand the temperature, humidity, moisture, etc. in the bathroom. Ordinary weighing machines can not be kept in the bathroom else they will start malfunctioning in short time.
  3. Anti-skid- It is something which most users seek in a bathroom weighing machine. Skid proof feature enables the machine to stick to one surface without slipping and injuring the user. So ne sure to check the bottom of the machine-if it has rubber bush or some sort of substance that prevents skidding, only then purchase it.
  4. Shape  and size- The bathroom machines come primarily in two shapes- one is rectangular and the other one is circular. It is up to your choice and desire whether you choose the rectangular or the circular one. But be sure whatever machine you choose…it fits in your bathroom.

Final Words

So these were the few best bathroom weighing scale picks from our side. Hope you like these weighing machines. Also, be sure to check all the features mentioned above before purchasing a machine. Thank you for reading!!

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