🥇 Top 10 Best Body Weighing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

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#1 Equinox Personal Weighing Scale #2 Health Sense PS 117 #3 Venus EPS 2001
Equinox Personal Weighing Scale Health Sense PS 117 Venus EPS 2001 – Electronic Bathroom scale
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Best Body Weighing Machines in India 2021: If you ever search for body weighing machines on Amazon, you will pretty likely be overwhelmed seeing the sheer number of options, across hundreds of brands and models. But which ones are the best? Continue reading to find out!

Obesity is one of the most severe health issues faced by almost 30% of people in urban India. The hectic lifestyle and unhealthy consumption of food, combined with nil to a negligible amount of physical labor lead to this condition which eventually paves the way to several lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart, and kidney disorders. Let’s not mention the extended stomach barring the day-to-day activities. And nowadays, it’s not just physical disorders, but various mental issues also arise at this stage. Stress, lack of confidence, and the most dreaded depression might be the outcome of an obese body. It has become essential to keep track of one’s weight before it goes out of control since losing 2 kilos will be far easier than running the treadmill trying to scrape out the 20 kilos of burger you had last year.

That perfectly brings us to weighing machines, which at this point, is as necessary for owning. Every household must have one which should be used for planning the diet. We can find scales at restaurants, hospitals, railway stations, etc where you just pop some pennies and know your weight, but this is not the correct method to track your body mass since there are differences in each weighing machine, and all of them will show contrasting results at the same time. Moreover, why keep running around to places spending pennies when you can simply purchase one for your family?


Advantages of having your Personal Weighing Machine

  1. Saves your money and you can frequently check the weight anytime and anywhere.
  2. Personal weighing machines will assist you in keeping your weight in check.
  3. Personal weighing machines save you valuable time, wasted around the doctors’ chamber.

However, that too can be confusing with the marketplace flooded with wide varieties of brands, each with dozens of models to choose from. And let’s not forget their catchy marketing. To help you loosen the tangles, here’s our honest review of the best weighing machines available in India, for helping you choose one according to your requirements.

Best Weighing Machine Review 2021


Finding an affordable, yet the accurate weighing scale is indeed troublesome. If you are buying one for the first time, you may not be aware of the key considerations. Don’t worry! We dug Amazon, handpicked the best and affordable products, and brought our collection of the best body weighing scales in India. Let’s explore what options you have.

Here is the review of the top 10 best body weighing machines in India considering the above factors.

#1. MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale : Best Analog Weighing machine

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale

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Not everyone can deal with the complexities of modern app connectivity and enthusiastic health features, especially elders. That’s where analog weight scales are still alive offering simple, yet accurate results for non-tech-savvy folks.

The MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale is an analog weighing machine that packs in the vintage classic look. It features solid construction with an enough large display. The best advantage of this machine is that you can place and use it in the bathroom without any fear, thanks to the rust-proof, rubberized platform. The MCP Deluxe is simple, accurate, and can comfortably uphold weight up to 130 KG. You get the readings in different units – KGs and LBS. This analog weighing machine is well-built for keeping the retro look alive, all while delivering an accurate result.


  • A rigid and supportive body can withstand up to 130 KGs of weight, with 95% of weight reading accuracy.
  • The clear and enlarged glass-top on the dial makes it more comfortable to read, even from far away.
  • The scale both shows weight results in KG and LBS, making it comfortable for both Indians and Westerns.
  • Includes handy calibration nubbins for resetting the dial on zero position, for more precise weight results.


  • Water and dust resistant enclosure
  • Attractive vintage design aesthetics
  • Accurate reading with calibration dials
  • Robust construction with the rubberized plate
  • The weight limit is not suitable for plump figures
  • The calibration nubbin is not precise

#2. HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale : Best Smart Weight Scale 

 HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

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When it comes to healthcare instruments, it’s hard to avoid HealthSense. With its Fitdays lineup of digital weighing scales, the brand has dominated the Indian market and proudly acquired the rank #1 on our top recommendations.

The HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 is one of the finest smart weighing machines, aimed towards your fitness goals. The robust configured body allows up to 24 users’ data storage (including babies). Bluetooth connectivity and app sync are quick to respond. The quad high-sensitive electrode sensors with advanced BIA Technology enable your machine to get connected in seconds. This weighing machine is simply perfect in its class and shreds the competitors into dust.

Standout Features

  • Calculates 13 essential body composition readings, with an advanced BIA technology displayed on Fitdays.
  • Compatible and integrated with the Fitdays app, enabling smart stats on your health and personalized diets.
  • The quick app connectivity and onboard sensors can track up to 24 people, offering complete family fitness.
  • Includes one year of offsite service warranty, provided by the manufacturer, HealthsSense India.
  • Utilizes BIA technology with four precision sensors
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Fitdays app
  • Conceptualized and manufactured in India
  • Keeps track of up to 24 users with personalized data
  • Displays inaccurate results above 120 KGs
  • User complaints of upto 4 KGs in inaccuracies

User Testimonial:

“Nice product and colour, first weight on daily basis will be incorrect as advised in the manual for the machine to calibrate itself. I have tested 120 KG & works fine. Quite sturdy, the red colour looks good. The design is just plastic under the glass shield and with regular usage might strip off… No issues on digital weight display though. Rs 800 might be lil overpriced as I see other scales at an affordable price, but I’m guessing accuracy could be issued there!”

~ MANNU SRIVASTAVA [Verified Amazon Customer]

#3. Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

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Hitting the #3 spot in our handpicked weighing machines, we have the Omron HBF-224 with its complete array of advanced sensors, constantly tracking your body’s 14 health compositions, while offering the luxury of mobile apps.

Like all other smart weighing machines, the Omron HBF-224 Digital Body Composition Monitor offers an incredible number of options. Let’s start with the quick reading, where the scale natively displays BMI, Body Age, Visceral Fat Level, Body Fat, and Skeletal Muscle Percentage. Just imagine how much money you can save by avoiding routine health checkups. The body is robustly constructed and can measure different body compositions ranging from the age of 18 to 80. And the best part is the quick integration with other healthcare devices from the house of Omron.


  • Complete body monitoring package with BMI, Body Age, Visceral Fat Level, and Body Fat monitoring.
  • Equipped with an auto-recognition function, the scale can identify who is standing from the personalized data.
  • Automatically logs and processes up to 24 users’ personal health data with guest mode for more users.
  • Offers quick integration with popular health apps, while being controllable via the onboard buttons.
  • High-precision sensors for improved tracking
  • Auto on/off feature for saving power
  • Robust construction with sleek designs
  • Bright LCD with backlight
  • Requires frequent battery replacement
  • Rechargeable batteries would be nice

User Testimonial:

“Product is really good and it will give the exact same weight every single time you step on it, which is the only thing we want from weighing scales. Was very much scared whether I should buy digital scales or not, whether it will be accurate enough or not but then did lots of research online. So, I finally fixed the purchase and as there were really good discount offers going on Amazon with cashback, so I got this amazing product at an affordable price!”

~ RAVI TIWARI [Satisfied Amazon Customer]

#4. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale : Best Body fat analyser with BMI weighing scale

Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale

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Proudly receiving an amazing rating of 4.5 on Amazon, there’s no way we could miss this weighing machine from our radar. Catered towards fitness-freaks, this scale combined with the Actofit App offers enthusiastic health features.

The Actofit Body Fat Smart Scale with Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor is one of the best choices to opt for. Besides normal smart features, the machine is inbuilt with an artificial intelligence engine. This helps you to get personalized advice based on the progress. The machine is well crafted for the ones wanting to kick-start their fitness regime without regrets. Sleek looks, accurate readings, and different reading modes altogether are an amazing package worth investing the money in. However, at least one year warranty would have made the machine perfect in its class.


  • Tracks essential health parameters like body weight, BMI, BMR, body fat, and 12 other body compositions.
  • Stores up to 16 members worth of personalized fitness data, offering an entire package of family fitness.
  • The innovative Dual Frequency BIA technology combined with an AI engine offers unmatched precision.
  • With the Actofit App, you can create personalized diet plans and compare your daily health results.
  • Mobile app synchronization with Bluetooth
  • Accurate weight measurement
  • Included batteries in the box
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Not returnable on Amazon
  • Requires complex calibration

User Testimonial:

“These guys sure know how to delight their customers. I faced some hiccups with the product and wrote to them + posted reviews of the product. In steps Pratik, the Founder-CEO of Actofit and sticks his neck out to ensure I get the best out of the product. Doing this meant that they’ll have to foot some bills for product pick-up and delivery, but they didn’t seem to bother much about the costs, but sure were massively keen to make things right for me. Thanks, guys!”

~ HIMADRI SINHA [Verified amazon Customer]

#5. ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Smart Digital Body Composition Body Fat Scale

ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Smart Digital Body Composition Body Fat Scale

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I was stunned by seeing the number of health certifications this scale has received. Boasting innovative advancements from abroad, this tiny machine can track up to 12 body compositions, offering complete healthcare solutions at home.

The ActiveX Savvy Smart Body Composition Weighing Scale is an FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated machine. The design looks attractive, pleasant to the eyes. The high-precision sensors featuring Bio-impedance Analysis technology provide accurate readings. You can sync the machine with different fitness apps and share/store your data. The term “ActiveX” completely justifies this product. This weighing scale is an enthusiastic choice for fitness freaks and health concerned people who want one feature-rich weighing scale with every bells and whistles they can take advantage of.


  • 13 different body parameters
  • Can store data of 18 user profiles
  • Supports ActiveX app and another fitness app
  • Dual BIA Technology for sending two different frequencies
  • Monitors and analyzes up to 12 health parameters
  • Stores up to 18 users with individualized health data
  • Certified by the FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS
  • Boasts an innovative Dual Frequency BIA technology
  • Complaints about lost Bluetooth connection
  • The onboard LCD is too dim and small

6. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale – Mechanical – EQ- BR 9201

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale – Mechanical - EQ- BR 9201

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The Equinox Personal Weighing Scale is one of the best analog weighing scales available from the brand, Equinox. The ace feature about this machine is the scrolling button which removes the probability of zero error considered to be common analog scales. It boasts an 18 months warranty and can withstand up to 130 KGs which is decent enough for households. The scale is sturdy and shockproof allowing the elders of your family to lose the fear of being toppled down. Moreover, it is available in four color options so opt for the one which blends with the décor of your abode.


  • Offers seamless use-of-access for elders and non-tech-savvies, without the complexity of digital scales.
  • Quick calibration and setting the dial back to zero, with the turning of one nubbin on the bottom.
  • Sturdy build-quality with reinforced internal mechanisms, allowing upto 130 KGs of weight checks.
  • Bundles 18 months of warranty from the date of purchase, while being just under 1000 Rupees.
  • Accurate results, even being an analog machine
  • Adjustable calibration nubbin
  • Comfortable for elders riding on/off
  • No batteries required
  • Complaints on the jammed dial
  • No markings on where to place your feet

7. Health Sense PS 117 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

7. Health Sense PS 117 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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The design is skid-free on both the upper and lower platform. Toughened glass is used and the edges are curved for added safety. So even though the material is glass it’s strong enough for withstanding some turbulence. This digital weighing machine arrives with an increased capacity of 180 KG with the press of one button to set your desired unit, be it KG or LBS. Moreover, the screen is large enough to portray the number in illuminated fonts. The G sensors in this product track reading with an accuracy of 100 gms, while an indicator shows the low battery for added benefits.


  • The vinyl coating offers traction, while the curved edges reduce accidental knocks for added safety.
  • Digital sensors offer accurate readings, with zero-point calibration and support for multiple weight units.
  • HealthSense is an Indian registered brand, catering towards bringing quality and innovative products.
  • One year HealthSense India offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects ensures customer satisfaction.
  • High-contrast display for outdoor visibility
  • Energy-efficient with auto power on/off
  • Includes 2x AAA batteries
  • Overweight indication for added longevity
  • Too compact for large feet
  • Glass-top is prone to breakage

8. Venus EPS 2001 – Electronic Bathroom scale

8. Venus EPS 2001 – Electronic Bathroom scale

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The Venus EPS 2001 Electronic Bathroom scale comes from the prestigious brand known as Venus with the weight range of 5-180 KG. The G sensors in the product are capable of catching even minor weight variations. The design is sturdy and made of tempered glass which is strong and also classy. The major perk of this product is that it is super light and boasts an enlarged screen with backlighting allowing easy measurement reading. Moreover, it is available in two colours, red and purple, both of which are classy and unique, offering plenty of options for minimalists.


  • Shockingly affordable in its class, yet comes with an included warranty of one year.
  • Available in red and black with floral designs, offering added decor to your domestic environment.
  • Supports both KG and LBS as weight measurement units, while displaying both at once.
  • Super lightweight, yet boasts precision G sensors with quick calibration options.
  • Comes wrapped in soft foam packaging
  • Compact for storage
  • Rigid chassis allowing elders to board on/off
  • Glass-top adds an extra flare of classiness
  • Complaints about reading inaccuracies
  • Little inconsistencies in KG-LBS conversion

9. Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Light Personal Scale

Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Light Personal Scale

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HealthSense India has opted for ABS material so there is no fear of cracking the glass during accidents. It can weigh upto 180 KGs and the units can be switched between KGs, LBS, and ST according to the users’ preference. There are G sensors to catch any minute fluctuation in weight, with an enlarged, bright 3.5 inch LCD screen with backlight is for providing better visibility. Whether wet or dry your feet are never going to skid on the matte surface. The vibrant colours like blue, jet black, and grey are available for you to choose the one most suited to the décor of your house.


  • Features an enlarged footrest of 30×30 cm, offering comfortable standup position for every user.
  • Capable of measuring weights with incredible precision with a zero-level calibration button for a quick reset.
  • Suitable for every environment, whether home, gym, bathroom or even outdoor sporting conditions.
  • Features an automatic on/off system, saving power for battery longevity and seldom replacements.
  • Auto step sensors for quick power on
  • Ergonomic design catered towards your comfort
  • Bright, enlarged LCD
  • Support multiple weighing units
  • No extra bells and whistles
  • Bit expensive and limited in features

10. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale- Digital EQ-EB 9300

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale- Digital EQ-EB 9300

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The Equinox – Digital EQ-EB 9300 comes from the house of Equinox which lends an ergonomic, sleek, and classy design. It can blend with the high standard décor of your habitat. There is an auto on/off function so as soon as you step down the device shuts off for saving power. Low battery indicator along with error and overload sensors are also provided with the scale. The LCD screen is large and allows easy visibility of measurement. Only one lithium metal battery is needed for this device compared to the other machines which need at least two non-rechargeable batteries.


  • Slim and stylish design lets you chuck the device inside any cupboard and carry it anywhere.
  • Runs on 3V lithium batteries with low power indicators and auto on/off functions.
  • 18 months of warranty from the date of purchase with offsite customer support.
  • Supports up to 150 KGs of weight and can display results in 3 different units, i.e. KG, LBS, and ST.
  • Low battery and overload indicator
  • Stylish looks accommodating your decor
  • Rigid chassis with rubberized footrest
  • Auto power on/off sensors for efficiency
  • The battery lasts only 6 months
  • Not suitable for babies and plump figures

11. Omron HN 286 Ultra Thin Automatic Personal Digital Weight Scale

Omron HN 286 Ultra Thin Automatic Personal Digital Weight Scale

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Omron is well known in its space when it comes to health and safety devices. Every home has at least one instrument from this reliable brand. Being constructed of tempered glass, the product is break-resistant. The Japanese technology includes four sensors for the most accurate measurement, with an LCD backlit display for easy visibility. The lithium batteries available with the device can stay for upto one year. It could just be slid anywhere. The rubber pads on the bottom make it skid-free. Auto switch-off is activated after 15 seconds from saving the battery from draining.


  • Weighing just 1.58 itself, the Omron HN 286 Ultra provides sturdy support for heavyweight users.
  • With an array of 4 precision sensors, the weighing scale can output results with an accuracy of 100 gms.
  • Comes with an instruction manual, one trial battery, and one year’s worth of brand warranty.
  • Accurately operable under varying weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors as well.
  • Turns of auto-magically after 15 seconds
  • Intelligent quad-array of sensors offer precision results
  • Rigid construction with anti-slip coating
  • Accurately weighs upto 180 KGs
  • Dim and absolutely tiny display
  • The included battery lasts just 30 days

12. Pointek Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale

Pointek Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale

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The weighing scale comes with replacement warranties in case of a manufacturing defect. G sensors for accuracy and step-on sensors are also provided with this scale for more accurate and efficient readings. Weight range if this product is between 5 & 180 KGs. The scales only weigh 1.2 KGs making it simple to carry and the sleek design helps to store it anywhere. Tempered glass is break-resistant and rubber mats provide ample traction without skidding. Apart from low battery indicators, the weighing machine also boasts low-temperature indicators which act as an added perk.


  • Lightweight and compact build-quality for effortless storage in shelf-corners and carrying outdoors.
  • The quad array of G sensors offer unrivalled precision, capable enough to catch the slightest weight variation.
  • Weight range of 5-180 KGs, with an accuracy of 100 gms and support for multiple weight units.
  • Low battery indicator with automatic power on/off system for increased battery longevity.
  • Rubberized surface for better grip
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • High-contrast LCD backlit display
  • Displays multiple units at once
  • KG-LBS conversion isn’t accurate
  • Complaints about inconsistent readings

13. Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale_HO-18

Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale_HO-18

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The Hoffen Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale – HO-18 is an incredibly reliable product from Hoffen. The high-quality sensors provide accurate results and the tempered glass is sturdy so there is no fear of breaking the scale. It can easily be stored anywhere due to sleek designs. The display shows accurate temperature along with the weight in an LCD backlit screen which allows better visibility. Any human of varying masses from 2.3 KG to 180 KG can use this product. The capacity allows everyone in the family to use the scale, making it your homes’ fitness master.


  • Features high-precision strain gauge sensor systems with sensitivity to the slightest weight variations.
  • Comes with tempered glass cover plate for the sleekest aesthetics improvements in your home decor.
  • With the weight range from 2.5-180 KG, this product is suitable for not just adults, but for babies as well.
  • Automatic on/off system, low battery indicator and overload indicator add flares to the user experience.
  • Unrivaled affordability in its range
  • LCD backlit display with clear visibility
  • Supports from 5 KG upto 180 KG
  • Features Sense-On technology
  • Lacks enthusiastic features
  • Includes cheap battery

14. Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale (Black)

Nova BGS - 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale (Black)

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Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale has an ABS plastic platform that offers strong traction, thanks to the grooved surface. The entire device is anti-skid due to the rubber mats attached at the bottom. The four-sensor technology grasps even the slightest of fluctuations in weight, while an automatic on/off function ensures battery longevity. An apt device for every household, this weighing scale is rated from babies to rolly-pollies, from 2 KG to 180 KG. The units can also be adjusted as per your preference since KG, LBS, and ST are supported.


  • Nova is an Indian registered brand offering complete healthcare solutions with its body weighing scales.
  • Compact, sleek design and lightweight at just 800 gms with comfortable storage inside any shelf.
  • Includes one year’s worth of brand warranty with 24×7 brand query and customer assistance.
  • The matte plastic surface provides an extra grip against slips and peace-of-mind with no glass materials.
  • Value for money in its segment
  • Shows accurate weight results
  • Sturdy and shock-resistant build
  • Quick calibration with one button
  • Batteries not included
  • The display is too small to read

15. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

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We have reserved one of the finest products for our last recommendation. Being from the USA, Dr. Trust products implement foreign advancements in healthcare. Measurements of this device are accurate and available in pounds or kilograms. There is an LED backlight display for clear visibility and the product is accompanied by rechargeable batteries. Tempered glass is used in the making and the edges are curved so it is fine to use with kids around. What makes this unit special is USB connectivity, allowing ease-of-access for both professionals and homey fitness-freaks.


  • Quality-assured product from the house of Dr. Trust offering reliable weight measurements.
  • Rechargeable battery with USB connectivity delivering an edge in both professional and household use-cases.
  • Instant power on, as soon as you board in, and auto power-off feature, prolonging the battery life
  • Precisely measures upto 180KGs/400LBS with an accuracy of 100 gms on its vibrant LCD.
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Portable and durable build-quality
  • Rounded edges for better safety
  • Easy-to-read LCD backlit display
  • The USB port may wear out over time
  • Requires calibration before every use


The internet is filled with dozens of product recommendations, but not everyone explains how one can choose their preferred one. What to look for in weighing scales? Which body weighing scale brands are the best? Should I choose an analog weighing scale, or go with digital ones? I’m pretty sure these questions have bunged up your mind while purchasing weighing machines for yourself. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Many users cannot find the guidelines while buying an affordable, yet accurate weighing machine. Hopefully, our in-depth buying guide will help you in understanding the key considerations before hitting Buy Now. Let’s check out what those key considerations are!


Domestic weighing scales are available in two options; Analog & Digital.

Analog weighing machine

Analog scales are the old school ones with dials pointing to the respective weight. These are the cheapest scales available in the marketplace and also these can be handled clumsily since there will be almost no effect on the dial. But they bring the disadvantages as well. Firstly, they might show an error of 0.5 KG just after using it for some days and secondly, your weight will vary depending on the angle you see it from. It might take some time before reading accurate measurements from an analog body weighing scale.

2. Digital weighing machine

As the name suggests digital weighing machines are the advanced version of an analog scale that displays the weight digitally. These models are considered as error-free and accurate. The modern-day weighing machines also contain various perks like memory and Bluetooth connectivity, keeping records of your weight history for improved diet control. Such niche features also help you instantly share your readings with the doctor. We recommend that you invest in an accurate digital scale for precise readings.


If you are wondering about the accuracy of your weighing machine, check the calibration by measuring your and other people’s weight, multiple times. If the results are the same each time you can definitely spend your money on that product but if there are varied numbers every time, then simply steer clear and look out for another option. Thankfully, Amazon offers speedy replacements for damaged and unsatisfactory items.


Analog and digital scales come in various capacities such as 100 KG, 120 KG, 180 KG, etc. Before hitting the Buy Now button, consider who will be standing on the machine and then decide what capacity to choose for yourself. Though we recommend using the one with maximum capacity to eradicate any future hassles. On the other hand, weighing scales with higher weight capacity tends to deliver more accurate results and last longer.


The display should be large, vibrant, and illuminated enough from being visible while you’re standing still. Because it might not always be possible to arrange another person for reading the results; neither it’s advisable to bend over when you’re reading the scale. Also, check for the weight unit in which weight will be shown. Most Indians are comfortable with kilograms, and you don’t want to spend five minutes converting pounds to kilograms, right?


Safety is more important than losing weight. It’s always better to not know your mass than lying in the bathroom with jaws broken. Turn over your scale to see if the product is taped with rubber mats to avoid slipping. On the other hand, make sure the surface is grippy enough, so that wet feet cannot skid. Finally, the base support should be wide enough to counter any disbalances, especially for our elders who may take some time getting on and off.


Steel, glass, fibre, and even ceramic are the materials used on the platform of weighing machines. Invest in the one most suited to you. With kids around it might be tricky to care for glass-top scales due to the fear of breakage. The weighing scale should also be shockproof. So it is always better to carefully evaluate the atmosphere at home and buy the weighing scale most suitable to your surroundings; just making sure your investment lasts longer.


As an Indian, this is what we check out the first; the price tag! You need to select your price range and check out which product suits them best, both in terms of feature sets and performance. Nowadays, there are lots of weighing machines with smart features available which also bears an expensive cost. If you have deep pockets, then you can easily go for branded machines with more features. If not, affordable options are still there, fulfilling every need.


The second thing to keep in mind is whether the machine you are planning to buy is portable or not. Lightweight machines come in handy because it becomes easy for the user to carry the machine from one place to another. That perfectly brings us to the storage, where portable and light machines can comfortably be chucked inside cupboards. This makes it hassle-free for the user carrying the machine anywhere, especially in compact apartments.


Looking at the above list, users can clearly notice that smart weighing machines come with dozens of bells and whistles. Hence, it’s always challenging not to spend the extra cash for adding more extra measurement features. Thanks to improved body sensors, fitness freaks, and gym-holics can always keep an accurate track of their body weight, muscle fat, water level, etc. This is also applicable for aged people with health concerns.


While analog weighing scales excel its digital counterparts for not having an inbuilt battery, the hassle is indeed there. You’ll definitely lose some grams upon running to the stationary shop, after releasing the battery is dead. Save some bucks by checking whether the product is included with batteries or not and for how long the battery lasts. To make it even worse, some weighing scales use janky proprietary batteries. Definitely, don’t miss this one.


It’s common that digital weighing scales, these days, are equipped with long-lasting batteries that last forever. But what if it’s dead? This is where low battery indicators become an essential feature for letting the users know when the battery is gonna die. Keep in mind that for digital weighing machines, low power can cause inaccurate readings as they use Load Cell Sensors (sorry, if I’m getting technical) that rely on steady voltages.


A large bright backlit display should always be the first priority for the user. It becomes easy for the user to get bigger font readings. You need to select a weighing machine featuring a large bright display which is visible even in dim lighting.


Skidproof is a common feature in all weighing machines. It is done to avoid slipping of a person while using the weighing machine. If you see an analog machine, you will that a rubber grip is present. This rubber gives a stable gripping to the user for checking the weight. Coming to the digital machine, the glass is made up of anti-slip to avoid any accident.


This is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people. Many users after buying the product come to know that the platform size is small. There is a lot of weighing machine which supports shoe size around 8 inches (on avg). Therefore, it becomes difficult for a large body with a shoe size of 9 inches to check his/her weight. A large sufficient platform is a necessity so that people with a large foot can check their weight.


The user also needs to know how many unit readings are available on the machine. For example, a normal machine offers just kgs and lbs. But for the ones who want to check their weight on different readings, they should go for a machine featuring more units – kg, lb, st, oz, etc.


The shape of the machine also matters, both for safety and storage. Weighing machines with smooth round edges are way comfortable, being safe if you ever bump your ankles. If you take my advice, I would recommend flat weighing scales with a low height. Such weighing scales are more stable for having wide surface areas and lowered center-of-gravity. Similarly, flat body weighing machines can also be chucked comfortably inside your cupboard.


How do I know if my weighing scale is accurate?

Sometimes, weighing machines can output incorrect readings. That is why the majority of manufacturers, nowadays, mentions the calibration precision ratios. This means certain percentages of the overall reading should be negligible as per the calibration errors. However, every manufacturer includes zero calibration features in their digital weighing scales. If you are unsure whether your machine is calibrated or not, you can simply put some weight and check if the result is within the margin of errors. If not, you can adjust the calibration settings when there’s no weight on the scale. This handy-dandy feature is another aspect of why everyone recommends digital weighing scales over analog ones.

How do I reset my digital scale?

To counter calibration errors in weighing scales, manufacturers have included an option of resetting the dial. By using the zero dialer button, you can quickly reset your weighing machine and tune the dialer back to zero. For an analog weighing scale, you’ll find one small knob at the bottom of the scale, rotating which you can calibrate your machine. In the case of digital ones, it’s way simpler; just press the zero caliber button and you are good to go. But before resetting the dialer of your weighing machine back to zero, make sure that there is no weight on top of the plate, otherwise, the following readings may end up being more error. This niche technique can also be used for comparing weights.

Can weighing scales be wrong in weight results?

Yes, manufacturing or calibration errors are eminent for all machines, and weighing scales aren’t an exception. If you visit the product page or reputed brands, you will surely find the accuracy rating associated with your model. Brands also highlight the possible weight difference, due to calibration errors, for their weighing machines. Nowadays, with the improvements in modern calibration and measurement technology, manufacturers can claim an accuracy of 99% for their products. Even if your weighing machine isn’t well-calibrated and possibly showing wrong results, you can quickly reset the machine, thanks to handy little calibration nubbins and buttons to set the dialer back to zero.

How do you know if the scale is broken?

First of all, make sure that the weighing scale is placed on some solid surface, preferably a concrete floor. Now let’s say your scale is possibly showing incorrect results. As the first troubleshooting step, reset the calibration dial to zero and check the weight again by placing some household objects you know the exact weight of. If things go fine and weight readings are within the manufacturer-specified margin of errors, then the machine is working well. If not so, the scale may have some internal machinery defects. In that case, if your product falls under the guarantee period, you can return or even replace the item. Nowadays with Amazon’s speedy services, returns and replacements are way quicker.

What is the best way for weighing yourself?

If you have your personal weighing scale at home, first of all, make sure it’s calibrated accurately. Once that’s assured remove your shoes and any heavy clothing you are wearing (like Winchesters and jackets). Also be sure to wash your feet after removing shoes and shocks, because, for digital instruments, dirt and improper body contact may result in additional errors. Finally, stand straight and still, look forward, and let someone else read the weight scale for you.

Which one is more accurate for checking the bodyweight – Analog or Digital?

Both are equally accurate, as long as the calibration is precise. However, this is because of the sheer simplicity and ease-of-use of digital weighing machines that made it quite popular in the Indian market. On the other hand, digital weighing scales are comfortable to read, thanks to their illuminated displays with decimal values for higher precision. Similarly, digital scales are easier to calibrate with the push of one button, rather than adjusting an analog dial.

I weigh more at night. Is there any problem with my weighing machine?

Well, if you measure your weight after having that lavish dinner, it’s obvious that your weighing scale will show more weight. If you ask me, I would suggest the morning for measuring your weight precisely. If you have doubts about the readings even after not having dinner, it’s possible that your weighing scale isn’t calibrated. Also, make sure to place the device somewhere away from humidity and excessive heat as environmental changes may damage analog scales.

Which brand is the best for digital weighing machines in India?

Nowadays it’s hard to find any brand that doesn’t offer or at least advertise up to 99% accuracy in its digital weighing scales. Still, if you’re looking for the best, Dr. Trust is the most TRUSTED brand; no pun intended! Not just for digital weighing machines, but Dr. Trust has earned its reputation by innovating in wide varieties of medical, healthcare, and therapeutic equipment. And all of them are widely appreciated by doctors, therapists, and professionals in this field.


The hectic lifestyle which we all experience these days leaves no time for any kind of health care but investing in the best weight machine in India 2021 would be an incredible decision since placing one in your reach would be the only thing needed to keep track of the extra fat culminating in your body. Just stand on it for just 10 seconds and determine your diet for the week. All the best body weight machines mentioned above are from reputed and trusted brands. So invest in one and save yourself from various lifestyle diseases which might engulf you due to excessive fat and obesity.

These are some of the best weighing machines available in the Indian market. From my profitable standpoint, you can opt for lightweight machines with tons of features. An analog weighing machine is best suited for the ones who are looking for an easy, yet accurate machine and are tight on budget. On the other hand, expensive, yet smart weighing machines act as an all-rounder, with all the bells & whistles like calibration buttons, illuminated displays, and support for multiple units. Apart from marvelous looks, these smart machines simply offer the best features for your body.

So, what was your favorite weighing machine out of our bunch? Let us know in the comments down below. Also if you really found our recommendations and buying guide helpful, be sure to share for letting others enjoy the craze of fitness and say goodbye to bouncy tummies. Start the daily regime of monitoring your weight, and forget the worries about obesity, diabetes, and even heart disorders. And let’s not mention saving you some bucks here and there, spent on therapies and doctors’ appointments. We hope you enjoyed today’s guide and I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace!

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