10 Best Body Weighing Machines in India 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Body Weighing Machines in India 2021: Obesity is a health issue faced by almost 30% of people in urban India. The hectic lifestyle and unhealthy consumption of food combined with nil to the negligible amount of physical labour lead to this condition which eventually paves the way to several lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart and kidney disorders. Let’s not mention the extended stomach barring the day to day activities. Various mental issues too arise at this stage other than the physical disorders. Stress, lack in confidence and also the most dreaded depression might be the outcome of a large body. It has become necessary to keep check of one’s weight before it goes out of control since losing 2 kilos will be far easier than running the treadmill trying to scrap out the 20 kilos of burger you had last year.

Weighing machine is as necessary as owning a gas stove. Every household needs to have one which should be used and the diet planned according to the results. We can find scales at restaurants, hospitals, railway stations etc where you just pop a coin and know your weight but this is not the correct method to track your body mass since there is a difference in each weighing machine and all of them will show contrasting results at the same time. Moreover, why keep running around to places spending pennies when you can easily buy a scale and use it whenever you want to.


Advantages of having a personal weighing machine

  1. It saves our money and he/she can frequently check the weight anytime.
  2. Personal weighing machines enable the user to keep his/her weight at check.
  3. A personal weighing machine saves you valuable time.

However, that too can be a bit confusing with the marketplace filled with brands and a wide variety of products. But here is an honest review of the best weighing machines available in the India market to help you buy one according to your requirements.

Best Weighing Machine Review 2021

Here is the review of the top 10 best body weighing machines in India considering the above factors.

#1. MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale : Best Analog Weighing machine

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The MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale is an analog machine which packs in the vintage classic look. It features a solid body with a large display. The best advantage of this machine is that you can place and use it in the bathroom without any fear, thanks to the rust-proof platform. The MCP Deluxe is a simple, easy to use machine which can uphold a weight capacity up to 130kgs. You get the readings in two different units – kgs and lbs. The Analog weighing machine is designed well for keeping the retro look alive till date.


  • Sturdy body
  • Extra-large display
  • Rustproof platform
  • Zero adjustable dialer


  • Waterproof
  • Attractive design
  • Accurate reading
  • Robust configuration body


  • 10 days returnable

#2. HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale : Best Smart Weight Scale 

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The HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 is one of the finest smart weighing machines, aimed to set your fitness goals. The robust configured body allows up to 24 users data storage (including babies). Bluetooth connectivity and app sync are quick to respond. The 4 high sensitive electrodes sensors with advanced BIA Technology let your machine get connected within a few seconds. This weighing machine is simply the best on its own like no other. It lacks behind nowhere, making it one of the perfect choices for the user.


  • BIA technology
  • Smart app sync feature
  • 13 body composition readings
  • Supports up to 24 user profiles


  • Strong body
  • 1-year warranty
  • Batteries included
  • Can check weight up to 180kg


  • No cons to show

#3. Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

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Like all other body smart weighing machines, the Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor also offers a wide range of options. Quick counter reading such as BMI, Body Age, Vesceral Fat Level, Body Fat and Skeletal Muscle Percentage makes it a good buy. The body is robust constructed and it comes with a year warranty. It can measure different body composition ranging from the age 18 to 80. The Omron company launches a variety of great weighing machines and most of the users are happy with its products.  


  • High sensors
  • Auto-on/off feature
  • Multiple user and guest mode
  • Different body compositions measurement


  • Bright display
  • Attractive looks
  • Lightweight body
  • Robust configured


  • 4 batteries required in terms of replacement

#4. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale : Best Body fat analyser with BMI weighing scale

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The Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor is one of the best choices to opt for. Besides normal smart features, the machine is inbuilt with an artificial intelligence engine. This helps you to get a personalized advice based on your progress. The machine is well crafted for the ones who want to kick start their fitness regime without any regrets. Good looks, accurate readings, many different readings etc altogether is a great deal to go for. However, a minimum of a year warranty would have made the machine termed as “perfection”.


  • App synchronization
  • Can store 16 user profiles
  • 15 different body readings
  • Artificial intelligence powered


  • Perfectly designed
  • Accurate measurement
  • Quick Bluetooth connectivity
  • Batteries included in the box


  • Not returnable

#5. ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Smart Digital Body Composition Body Fat Scale

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The ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Smart Digital Body Composition Body Fat Scale is an FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated machine. The design looks attractive, pleasant to the eyes. The high precision sensors featuring Bio-impedance Analysis technology provide accurate readings. You can sync the machine to different fitness apps and share/store your data. The term “active” completely justifies this product. It is a great choice for enthusiastic health concerned people who want a superb weighing machine featuring at least a year warranty.


  • 13 different body parameters
  • Can store data of 18 user profiles
  • Supports ActiveX app and another fitness app
  • Dual BIA Technology for sending two different frequencies


  • Nice looks
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 batteries present
  • FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated


  • Not returnable

6. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale – Mechanical – EQ- BR 9201

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The Equinox Personal Weighing Scale – Mechanical – EQ-BR 9201 for the brand Equinox is one of the best analog weighing machines available in the market. The ace feature about this machine is the scrolling button which removes the probability of zero error considered to be common analog scales. It comes with 18 months warranty and a capacity of 130 kg which is good enough for a normal household. The scale is sturdy and also shockproof so there is no fear to use it in the presence of kids and also the elderly members of your family can weigh themselves without fear of being toppled down. Moreover, it is available in four colour options so opt for the one which blends with the décor of your abode.

7. Health Sense PS 117 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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The design is skid-free on both the upper and lower platform. Toughened glass is used and the edges are curved for added safety. It is sturdy and break-resistant. So even though the material is glass it is strong enough to withstand some turbulence. This digital weighing machine arrives with a warranty of 1 year. The capacity of this scale is 180 kg and also there is a key which allows to set your desired unit to be it kg, lb or st. Moreover, the screen is large enough to portray the number in big fonts for better visibility. The G sensors in this product track accurate readings to the nearest of 100gms. An indicator to show the low battery is also provided for added benefit.

8. Venus EPS 2001 – Electronic Bathroom scale

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The Venus EPS 2001 Electronic Bathroom scale comes from the prestigious brand known as Venus with a capacity of 5 to 180 kg. The G sensors in the product allow us to catch even the minor weight variations. The design is sturdy and made of tempered glass which is strong and also classy. The major perk of this product is that it is super light and has a warranty of 1 year. A large screen with LCD light allows reading the measure easily. Moreover, it is available in two colours, black and purple, both of which are classy and unique.

9. Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Light Personal Scale

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Health Sense India provides a warranty of one year on this product. The design is curvy and made of ABS material so there is no fear of cracking the glass during a fall. It can weight upto 180 kgs and the units can be set to kgs, lbs and st according to the user’s preference. There are G sensors to catch any minute fluctuation in weight. A large 3.5 inch LCD screen with backlight is the highlight of this product as this provides better visibility. Whether wet or dry your feet are never going to skid on this machine. The vibrant colours like blue, jet black and grey are available for you to choose the one most suited to the décor of your house.

10. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale- Digital EQ-EB 9300

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The Equinox Personal Weighing Scale – Digital EQ-EB 9300 comes from the house of Equinox which lends a warranty of 18 months on this product. The weighing scale is sleek and classy. It can blend with the high standard décor of your habitat. There is Auto off function so as soon as you step down the device shuts off to save battery. A low battery indicator along with error and overload sensors is also provided with the scale. The LCD screen is large and allows easy visibility of measurement. It has a capacity of 150 kgs which is ample to suit a normal household. Only one lithium metal battery is needed for this device compared to the other machines which need at least two batteries.

11. Omron HN 286 Ultra Thin Automatic Personal Digital Weight Scale

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Omron is a well known brand when it comes to health and safety devices. Every home has at least one instrument from this reliable brand. The digital weighing machine they offer has a warranty of one year. It is made of tempered glass which is break resistant. The Japanese technology includes four sensors for the most accurate measurement.  It has a capacity of 5 to 180 kgms and a large display for easy visibility. The lithium batteries available with the device can stay for upto one year and the slim design allows easy storage options. It could just be slid anywhere. The rubber pads on the bottom make it skid-free. Auto switch off is calibrated after 16 seconds so as to save the battery from draining.

12. Pointek Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale

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The weighing scale comes with one year replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defect. G sensors for accuracy and step on sensors are also provided with this scale. It is an auto switch-off technology which extends the battery life. Weigh range if this product is 5 to 180 kgs. The scales only weigh 1.2kgs making it simple to carry and the sleek design helps to store it at any place. Tempered glass is break free and the rubber mats provided help to keep the scales at place without skidding. There is also a low battery and temperature indicator which acts as an added perk. Large LCD screen with dark grey backlight and white font allows easy visibility even in the low light areas.

13. Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale_HO-18

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The Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale – HO-18 is a reliable product from Hoffen. The high quality sensors provide accurate results and the tempered glass is sturdy so there is no fear of breaking the scale. It can easily be stored anywhere due to the sleek design. The display shows accurate temperature along with the weight in a large screen which allows better visibility. Any human of varying masses from 2.3 kg to 180 kg can use this product. The range of capacity allows everyone in the family to use the scale. A low battery and an overload indicator are provided in this scale which is a savior since it allows you to buy batteries beforehand. The device shuts down immediately after use to save the battery.

14. Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale (Black)

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Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale has a platform made of plastic and which is uneven lending a great grip. It is anti-skid due to the rubber mats attached at the bottom. The four-sensor technology grasps even the slightest of fluctuations in weight. Automatic on and off function is present to provide a hassle-free experience. A warranty of six months is also included against manufacturing defects. It is an apt product in a household where there are babies since the capacity starts from 2 kg to 180 kg. The units can be easily adjusted to the one of your preference since kg, lb and st are available in this device.

15. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

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Dr. Trust is a reliable brand from USA with the ‘Accu Gauge’ technology patent. Measurements of this device are accurate and available in pound or kilogram. There is a one year warranty on manufacturing defects but it can be extended to two years by registering on the website of company within 15 days of purchase. There is a blue LED backlight for clear display and the product is accompanied with a battery which can be recharged so there is no need of repurchase. Tempered glass is used in the making and the edges are curved so it is fine to use with kids around. USB cable included with the device can be calibrated in a way to share the weight with your health instructor instantly. Moreover, there are some freebies too.

Best Weighing Scales 2021 : Buying Guide

Many users don’t find the guidelines worthy before buying a product. But these user manuals, guidelines do play a pivotal role for letting the user know about the products in more detail. There are a lot of different factors which play a key role in judging the best product. Let us have a look below:-

  • Type of weighing scale

Bathroom scales are available in two types i.e. analog and digital.

1. Analog weighing machine

Analog scales are the old school ones with a dial pointing to the respective weight. These are the cheapest scales available in the marketplace and also these can be handled clumsily since there will be almost no effect on the dial but they have disadvantages too. Firstly, they might show an error of 0.5 kg just after using for some days and secondly, your weight mostly depends on the angle you see it from since it is a pointer. It might take some time to read the accurate measurements from an analog weighing machine.

2. Digital weighing machine

As the name suggests a digital weighing machine is the advanced version of an analog scale which displays the weight digitally. Lithium batteries are needed for these type of scales. It is considered to be error-free and accurate. The modern day weighing machines also contains various perks like memory and Bluetooth connectivity to the mobile so than you can instantly share your weight with your doctor and devise a diet plan according to that. It is recommended to invest in a digital scale for accurate readings if you are trying to seriously lose weight.

  • Accuracy of machine

Check for the weight before buying a machine and try to it at least three to four times. If the results are same each time you can definitely spent your money on that product but if there are varied numbers every time then it is better to steer clear and look out for an another option.

  • Weighing Capacity

Analog and digital scales come in various capacities such as 100 kg, 120 kg, 180 kg etc. It’s always up to you to decide what capacity to choose for yourself. Though we recommend using the one with maximum capacity to eradicate any future hassles.

  • Display

The display should be large enough to be visible from a distance because it might just not be possible to arrange for another person to read your mass. Also check for the unit in which weight will be shown. Most Indians are comfortable with kilograms. I am sure you don’t want to spend 5 minutes converting pounds to kilograms.

  • Stability

This is the most important feature of a weighing machine. Safety is important than losing weight. The machine should be skid-free. It’s always better to not know your mass than lying in the bathroom with jaws broken. Turn over your scale to see if the product is taped with a rubber mat to avoid slipping.

  • Environment

Steel, glass and fiber are the metals used on the platform of a weighing machine. Invest in the one most suited to you. With kids around it might be a bit tricky to care for a glass top scale due to the fear of breakage. The weighting scale should also be shock proof. So it is always better carefully evaluate the atmosphere at home and buy a weighing machine most suitable to your surroundings.

  • Cost

The first and the foremost thing to see is the budget. You need to select your price range and check out which one suits the best. Nowadays, there are a lot of weighing machines with smart features available which come in an inexpensive cost. If you have a big wallet, then you can go for the best branded machines with more features.

  • Portability

The second thing to keep in mind is whether the machine you are planning to buy is portable or not. A lightweight machine comes in handy. It becomes easy for the user to carry the machine from one place to another. The user can keep a lightweight machine easily inside a cupboard, below the sofa etc. This makes it hassle free for the user to place the machine anywhere when a lot of relatives come in the house.

  • Extra Measurements

Looking at the above mentioned list, the user can clearly see that a smart weighing machine comes with a lot of features. Hence, it is always a good deal to get a weighing machine with a lot of extra measurements. A fitness freak or gymoholic can always keep a count on their body weight, muscle fat, water content in the body etc. This is also applicable for the old aged people who are the most health concerned about everything.

  • Batteries

The user needs to see whether the batteries in the machine run for a year or half. The user also needs to check whether the product selected requires a lot of batteries or not. For example, there are a lot of weighing machines which run on four batteries. To make it worse, some four powered battery machines do not come included in the box contents. You need to buy them separately. On the other hand, there are a lot of weighing machines which run on two batteries. However, a four powered battery machine is more accurate and efficient than a two battery machine.

The user should also check whether the batteries included in the box are not leaked, loosely packed, not working etc.

  • Backlit Display

A large bright backlit display should always be the first priority for the user. It becomes easy for the user to get bigger font readings. You need to select a weighing machine featuring a large bright display which is visible even in dim lighting.

  • Low Battery Indication

You need to select a weighing machine with low battery indicator. However, almost all of the weighing machines come with a low battery indicator. There is a “LO” sign present in most of the weighing machines. This “LO” sign pops up when the battery is low. Thereafter, you need to replace the batteries.

  • Skid-Proof

Skid proof is common feature in all weighing machines. It is done to avoid slipping of a person while using the weighing machine. If you see an analog machine, you will that a rubber grip is present. This rubber gives a stable gripping to the user for checking the weight. Coming to the digital machine, the glass is made up of anti-slip to avoid any accident.

  • Sufficient Platform

This is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people. Many users after buying the product come to know that the platform size is small. There are a lot of weighing machine which supports shoe size around 8 inches (on avg). Therefore, it becomes difficult for a large body with a shoe size of 9 inch to check his/her weight. A large sufficient platform is neccessity so that people with a large foot can check their weight.

  • Units

The user also needs to know that how many unit readings are available on the machine. For example, a normal machine offers just kgs and lbs. But for the ones who want to check their weight on different readings, they should go for a machine featuring more units – kg, lb, st, oz etc.

  • Shape

The shape of the machine also matters. A weighing machine with smooth round edges are profitable to buy. This acts as a safety so that you don’t get a cut or wound. Secondly, you need  to plan as to where you will place the machine. After selecting the area, you can get an idea about it length and breath. Then, you need to check the dimensions of the product by checking the image on the product page. This will help you get the best product possible which easily fits in the corner, you desire to keep.

Question and Answers

How do I know if my weighing scale is accurate?

You can simply put a 5kg grocery product on the weighing machine to check it. If the weight machine shows 5kg, it means the reading is perfect. In some cases, the reading can fluctuate upto 300 grams as claimed by the manufacturer. Then, you can set the machine to zero calibration to see if things work out well.

How do I reset my digital scale?

You can reset your digital scale by using the zero dialer button. For an analog machine, there is a knob present at the below. You just need to rotate the knob and set the reading to zero scale. For digital weighing machines, there is a zero caliber button present. The user needs to press the button to get the reading back to zero (when needed).

Can scales be wrong?

Yes, scales can be wrong. If you see the product page, you will always find that almost all manufactures claim a reading difference for their weighing machines. Only a few companies claim an accuracy of 90% to 95% for their machines. Whereas, the weighing machine accuracy is near to 99% correct for majority of the manufacturers.

How do you know if the scale is broken?

First of all make sure that the weighing machine is placed on a solid surface. Now lets say that you have doubt regarding the scale. Firstly, you can reset the machine to zero calibration and then again check the weight. Alterntively, you can also check the weight of any of the household item to check the reading accuracy. If things go well, then the machine is fine. If not so, then there is a possibility that the scale is broken.

What is the best way to weigh yourself?

The best way to weight yourself is by being barefoot and standing still on the weighing machine. Wearing socks and dirty feet will affect measurement accuracy.

Which one is more accurate for checking the body weight – Analog or Digital?

Both are equally accurate. It is just that digital machines have captured the complete market today. However, digital machines do have an extra advantage of showing accurate readings to decimal points and they also feature smart functions.

I weigh more at night. Is there any problem with my weighing machine?

Well, if you are measuring the weight after dinner, then it is for sure that the weighing machine will show more weight. It is because you gain weight after having food. If you are the one who is facing the problem of weight check error at night without having food. Then it advisable to once to change the position of the weight machine to some other place. Environmental changes, earthing current fluctuations etc. do lead the machine to give inaccurate results. If things still don’t work out, then you can use the zero caliber function.

Final Words

The hectic lifestyle which we all experience these days leaves no time for any kind of health care but investing in the best weight machine in India 2021 would be a wise decision since placing one in your reach would be the only thing needed to keep track of the extra fat culminating in your body. Just stand on it for a few seconds and determine your diet for the week. All the best body weight machines mentioned above are from a reputed and trusted brand. So invest in one and save yourself from various lifestyle diseases which might engulf due to fat.

These are some of the best weighing machines available in the Indian market today. To be at a profitable point, you can opt for a lightweight weighing machine with a lot of features. An analog machine is suitable for the ones who are looking for a simple machine and are tight on the budget. On the other hand, the little expensive smart weighing machines act as an all-rounder, designed to kill the fats from the body. Apart from marvellous looks, these smart machines simply offer the best features for your body.

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