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#1 Belita Silver Luggage Scale #2 ATOM Selves-A 304 #3 Sopernex®
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Have you ever being charged extra money for exceeding the luggage weight limit in an airport? Have you ever been worried about the luggage weight before boarding a flight?

Many new flight goers get a shock at the airport when they come to know that they have to spend bucks for extra luggage weight. Well, a luggage weight checker comes in handy for the user who wants to board a flight. There are many weighing machines in the market. These are categorized on two – a hook model and a strap model. A pocket-size weight checker is useful for the ones who want a small portable weighing scale. This mini-sized weighing machine features a fishing hook and digital display. Whereas, a weight checker with a strap gives a more accurate reading.

A hanging weighing scale is not crafted for luggage means but it is also ideal for measuring almost every item (below 50Kgs) – Home ingredients, grocery items, newspaper waste etc. These heavy-duty weighing scales feature a high precision strain gauge sensor system. However, it is always a good option to fasten the pin perfectly to some hook or pipe for more accurate readings.

So, to avoid such incidents in future I decided to invest in a luggage weighing scale. Here are 9 best luggage weighing scales you can buy in India and also the pointers to be considered before spending money on the scales.


Top Luggage Weighing Machine in India

ImageLuggage (Hanging) Weighing ScaleRatingCheck Price Or Buy Now
Belita Silver Luggage Scale3.4 out of 5

ATOM Selves-A 3045.0 out of 5

Sopernex® Plastic and Stainless Steel3.8 out of 5

GLUN Bolt Electronic Portable4.1 out of 5

Generic Weighing Scale3.0 out of 5

Best Luggage Weighing Machine in India 2021

Here is the review of the best baggage weighing machines available in India

#1. Belita Silver Luggage Scale

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The Belita Silver Luggage Scale packs in a sturdy body featuring a large LCD display. It has a rugged nylon strap for measuring the weight. The belt with strong metal hook withholds the weight well, you get an accurate reading. Other options available are tare function, auto shut down feature, data lock function, overload indicator etc.

  • Superb design
  • Lot of features
  • Tough strap
  • Strong hook
  • 30 days returnable warranty


#2. ATOM Selves-A 304 Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

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The ATOM Selves-A 304 Digital Luggage Weighing Scale is a small machine which easily fits in your pocket. It is very light in weight, weighing just 130 grams. It features a plastic body and how two readings – kgs and lbs. The compact designed body has a bright LCD display which shows the perfect measurements. The hydraulic lifting handle can measure weight up to 50Kg with an accuracy of 10gm.

  • Compact design
  • Multiple unit reading
  • Clear LCD display
  • Tare function
  • 10 days returnable warranty

#3. Sopernex® Plastic and Stainless Steel 50kg Hand Gripped Portable Digital Weighing Scale

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The Sopernex weighing machine has a large LCD display with blue backlight. It is an ideal choice for measuring bulky goods, the gripping is fine. It is perfectly designed to check the weight of the luggage without hurting hands and fingers. You can automatically lock the reading when the data is stable. The machine shows four different readings say gm, kg, lb and oz.

  • Excellent gripping
  • Four different readings
  • Data lock feature
  • Killer looks
  • 10 days returnable warranty

#4. GLUN Bolt Electronic Portable Fishing Hook Type Digital LED Screen Luggage Weighing Scale

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The GLUN Bolt weighing scale is equipped with a large LCD screen. It is simple, reliable and easily fits in your pocket. The gripping of the machine is sturdy, comfortable and the stainless steel hook is durable. Like others, this machine can also withstand weight up to 50Kg. The machine runs on two batteries.

  • Strong hook
  • Large display
  • Good gripping
  • Well crafted
  • 10 days returnable warranty

#5. Generic Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Hand Gripped

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The Generic Weighing Scale is a lightweight machine which shows four different readings – gm,kg,lb and oz. It is an excellent designed handgrip feature a bright LCD display. Like others, the machine also features an auto power-off feature (120 seconds) for long battery life. Besides weight checking, the machine also acts as a good holder for your luggage, say a couple of minutes. This time the company has focused not only weight checking, but also complete comfort and marvellous looks.

  • Attractive body
  • Shows four different readings
  • Bright LCD display
  • High precised sensors
  • 10 days returnable warranty

#6. SMILEDRIVE Metal Luggage Scale

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The SMILEDRIVE Metal Luggage Scale is also a good option for your travel needs. The machine is very easy to operate, suitable to carry anywhere. The machine monitors the weight with utmost accuracy, thanks to the highly inbuilt sensors. The batteries come included in the content box. However, it is advisable to replace the batteries if the dummy batteries don’t work.

  • Nice design
  • Lot of features
  • Easy to carry
  • Batteries included
  • 30 days returnable

#7. Aliston Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, Luggage Hanging Weight Scale

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The Aliston Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale weighs just 100 grams and is available in different multicolours. It shows reading up to 45Kg (max). The machine is well designed by the company. For adults, it has got the looks of car keys whereas for children it has got the looks of a toy. The button works well and the sensor is quick to respond.

  • Excellent design
  • Good features
  • Multicolour machines available
  • Batteries included
  • 5kg less reading than others

#8. On Gate 50Kg Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Hanging Scale

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The On Gate Scale features a retractable steel handle. The company has designed the model in such a way that it seems like the machine is a small robot fitting in earphones. Like others, this machine also has a metal hook followed by an LCD display. One can check the weight luggage up to 50kg. The sensors are accurate, you get the perfect measurement. Other features such as tare function, lock mode, low power alarm, overload indicator makes it a good option to go for.

  • Well designed
  • Quick reading
  • Large display
  • Different features
  • Only one colour available

Best Luggage Scale in India 2021: Buying Guide

Many users find buying guide or user manuals either boring or not worthy. Don’t get it wrong here; guidelines do help you to understand the products in more depth. It does help you to judge the best out of the products available.


The size of a product matters. In case, you are looking for a tiny size weighing machine which easily fits into anywhere, then you need to check mini pocket size machine. But if you are looking for a tight grip (be it a little bigger size), then you can go for a sturdy machine featuring complete grip.

Hook Quality

The hook where luggage is attached to should be sturdy. A loose or weak grip might not be a good choice since the readings would differ or it may break with excess weight.

Fine Gripping

For many people, they just want to check the weight of the luggage, be it whatever grip. To make it clear, a smaller grip with just two or three fingers holding shall become a pain for the user. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a complete grip weighing machine. A complete grip weighing machine helps in your efficiency to pick up the load without much pressure.


This has to be one of the prime lookouts when searching for a baggage scale. Opt for one with the capacity of at least 50 kilograms so that no issue has to be endured in the future if anything of more weight has to be measured.


Obviously, an accurate device is a must-have since the airport authority will never spare you even if there is a difference of few grams. So, to save some bucks invest in a device which shows the meticulous number of kilos.

Stable readings

A constantly fluctuating pointer is the worst sight while measuring your baggage. It is necessary to make sure that the readings are stable and stay there for some time allowing ample time for us to note it down.


The device should have an auto switch-off function so that the battery doesn’t get drained out even without usage.

Built material

The built material of the machine should be tough for the long run. A nylon material strap seems to be much better. Rest, almost all other products are plastic built, you need to check the reviews to classify which product is better.

Several other functions such as temperature and overload indicator along with a unit changer could be counted as added perks of a luggage weighing device.

Question and Answers about Luggage Scale

Is a plastic body really reliable for checking the weight?

Yes, many companies nowadays offer good quality plastic materials. If you see carefully, hanging weighing machines are usually made of plastic.

How to know which one to buy – a complete holding grip or a small steel grip?

Undoubtedly, a complete holding grip is more durable and reliable in comparison to a small steel grip. You can go for a complete holding grip weighing machine as it is more comfortable.

Do the machines show perfect reading?

Yes, the machines are equipped with high sensors which show perfect reading. In some cases, a fluctuation of 10g might occur, as claimed by the companies itself.

Can I use the machine for home usage apart from a flight?

Surely, you can. The weighing machine is ideal for all the different items weighing less than 50Kg.

Can I check the weight of my small child by adjusting a hanging rope in the hook?

This is completely risky as because a luggage weight is far more stable than a child body weight (while hanging). Thereby, it is not a good option to check out the child’s weight by hanging. This is very risky for the child and the durability of the product.

I am a regular flight traveller – are these products durable?

Yes, you can check the reviews from the product page. The products with positive response are surely reliable. You can go for it.


A hanging weighing machine is an excellent product for home and travelling purposes. These machines feature a compact design and a lightweight body. The machine is user-friendly, be it any age. This makes it easy for backpacks on the go without worrying about the airport weight department hassle. These weighing scales are indeed designed to save your stress and money before boarding a flight. Ending it all, you can go for this machine if you on regular flights or a common person who wants to measure the weight of simple things i.e. grocery items.  They are cheap and the best selling weighing machine among the present-day consumer.

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