Best Luggage (Hanging) Weighing Scale in India 2020

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The last international trip I had, taught me the value of one extra kilo in my bag. It was one of those times when I decided to go economical and booked my ticket under hand baggage only fare where each passenger could carry a bag weighing 7 kilos. Being equipped with a human body weighing machine at home I was pretty confident that my bag was below the 7 kg mark but this is where I was wrong. Weighing scale for humans and the luggage weighing scales are two different type of devices which cannot be replaced by each other. Airport scale declared my luggage above the mark and I was charged heftily. So, to avoid such incidents in future I decided to invest in a luggage weighing scale. Here are the best 9 luggage weighing scales you can buy in India and also the pointers to be considered before spending money on the scales.

Best Luggage Weighing Machine in India 2020

Here is the review of the best baggage weighing machines available in India

1. Panzl Portable 10g to 50kg LCD Display Digital Hanging Scales Electronic Luggage Weight Fishing Hook Scale Weighting

Metal hook with the steel round grip provides a sturdy support to this weighing scale which measures up to the capacity of 50 kg. There is an indicator which informs regarding the measurement so that you can remove things from hook and then record weight. The LCD screen allows weighing in dim lights too. Two triple A batteries required to function this device are provided along with the device which last for a long period.

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2. Bulfyss Electronic Hanging Pocket Scale – 50 Kg with Temperature Display

Our 2nd number on our list is a weighing scale from Bulfyss It is ideally a pocket scale which can be carried anywhere without hassle. The capacity varies from 10 gm to 40 kg which is great for almost all household needs. The auto-off feature saves battery life. Overall, this Hanging Weighing Scale is a very durable as well as an affordable product available to you.

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3. Generic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, Luggage Hanging Weight Scale, 45kg

The next one is Generic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, It is an essential travel partner of pocket size and a great capacity which ranges between 10 gm to 45 kg. There is a LED display and also a temperature indicator which might help you schedule your plans while on vacation.

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4. On Gate 50Kg Portable Electronic Digital Weighing Hanging Scale For Travel Luggage

Weight recorder and various units that is kg, lbs, jin and oz are the highlight of this device. Capacity of 50 kg is apt for all the household needs. Moreover, the sturdy steel hook with nylon body allows in easy handling of this scale. Large LCD display and an automatic lock function are added perks of this wonderful device.

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5. Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Portable, Hook Type with Temp, 50Kg

The capacity of this scale is up to 50 kg and the body is made of abs plastic which is sturdy and easy to handle. Large and bright LCD display gives accurate and precise readings. Moreover, there is reading recorder which eases the process while weighing heavy products.

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6. ZZ ZONEX Portable Nylon Handheld Electronic Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

It is a stylish device which you would love to flaunt. Light weight and pocket friendly are the words which aptly describe the product. The capacity of this device is up to 50 kg and there is an auto power off along with overload indicator and weight recorder. The hook is sturdy and can be hanged to heavy bags without the fear of breakage.

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7. Generic Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Hand Gripped Portable for Various Use, Generic Color

 The product is designed in such a way to enable easy handling of heavy weights. Capacity range varies from 10gm to 50 kg. Moreover, there are gauge sensors which help in measuring the exact weight and a large LCD displays helps visibility even in dim lights. The units can be altered to your preference to gm, kg, lb and oz.

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8. Factory direct pro Digital Hand Gripped Portable Weighing Scale 50Kg Luggage Belt Type Wh-A14Lb 

The maximum capacity of this device is 50 kg so it can be easily used for all the heavy duty products at home. 2 AAA batteries are accompanies which last for a long period of time and there is also a low battery indicator in the scale. The hook is sturdy and made of stainless steel to ensure good grip. The large LCD screen allows visibility in dim lights and the auto off functions blocks battery drainage. There is also an overload indicator and tare data lock application to record measurements.

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9. Divine Xt Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty Hand gripped Portable Luggage Scale

The excellent grip can be a savior while measuring heavy objects. Capacity of this device varies from 10gm to 50 kg, thus apt to measure almost anything at home. The gauge sensors grasp exact readings and record them, thereby helping us to keel the luggage down and then note the weight. The units are also interchangeable to gm, kg, lb and oz. The LCD screen display with blue backlight helps even the people with low vision to read accurately. There is an auto switch off facility to save battery and a black strap along with stainless steel hook to keep luggage more secure and sturdy.

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Best Luggage Scale 2020 : Buying Guide

Hook Quality – The hook where luggage is attached to should be sturdy. A loose or weak grip might not be a good choice since the readings would differ or it may break with excess weight.

Capacity – This has to be one of the prime lookouts when searching for a baggage scale. Opt for one with the capacity of at least 50 kilograms so that no issue has to be endured in the future if anything of more weight has to be measured.

Accuracy – Obviously, an accurate device is a must have since the airport authority will never spare you even if there is a difference of few grams. So, to save some bucks invest in a device which shows the meticulous number of kilos.

Stable readings – A constantly fluctuating pointer is the worst sight while measuring your baggage. It is necessary to make sure that the readings are stable and stay there for some time allowing ample time for us to note it down.

Auto-off – The device should have an auto switch-off function so that the battery doesn’t get drained out even without usage.

Several other functions such as temperature and overload indicator along with a unit changer could be counted as added perks of a luggage weighing device.


The need to own a luggage weighing scale is at every household. Even if you are not planning a flight journey, there are various zones where a sturdy scale might help you. A crooked shopkeeper reducing some grams of any product could be easily exposed by using these scales which are pocket-friendly and light weight too. They are cheap and the best selling weighting machine among the present day consumer.

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