🥇Best Omron Weighing Machine / Scale in India 2021


Best Omron Weighing Machine / Scale in India

Have you been thinking about losing some and get your dream body type?

To get your dream body type the foremost thing you need is a good quality weighing scale that would help you in measuring the amount of weight you’re losing every time your working out, Omron has always been a trusted name in the industry of weighing scales. Their weighing scales aid you in measuring BMI and body fat quite effectively. According to this generation, maintaining proper BMI is very necessary, hence using a good quality weighing scale is very much needed.

If you are looking forward to buying a new Omron weighing scale, there features and usability should be kept in mind. In case you do not have any idea about their features you have to consider plenty of factors before buying one.

Although there are a plethora of options for you to choose from, we are here listing down the best 4 machines from Omron. We have taken into consideration the ones with the best features and which also come at affordable prices. Remember to take your own requirements into consideration before buying the perfect machine that fits your budget.


Although there are plenty of models with several specialisations, the ones mentioned down below are listed on the basis of money and a few extra features offered by the manufacturer on these. Let us take a look at these 4 most highly recommended ones putting aside all the others;


The very first choice on our list is a bit expensive but it is considered the smartest and most advanced. Providing accurate results along with easy usage makes it the most reliable one on the list.


  • Helps in checking body weight, fat percentage and other basic things related to BMI.
  • It can store data of 4 persons at a time which gets stored in a Smartphone app.
  • The display is skeletal muscle preventive making it more comfortable for use.
  • Uses AAA batteries, hence making it easier to charge and use.


  • The maximum weighing measurement is not high.
  • Not really affordable, hence not preferred by most people.



The second choice on our list is just a bodyweight measurer and has a polished exterior making it look attractive. It also comes at an affordable price, hence preferred by most. You can also measure BMI by some simple calculations.


  • It is very flimsy and due to its polished-surface, it can be handled easily.
  • Provides accurate weight reports making reliable and easy to use.
  • Turns ON and OFF on its own when someone steps on it.
  • Uses small AA batteries, hence reliable.
  • Use of high-quality tempered glass panel to stand on and record the weight.
  • Large LCD to record and view your weight.


  • The rubber panel used at the base is of poor-quality making it sticky.


The third one to make it to our most recommended machines is HBF 222T. This model has several smart features in a small built. It has Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone app where you can save 4 person data at a time together.


  • The smartphone app can be used on both IOS and ANDROID set-ups.
  • Gives accurate BMI, body fat and skeletal muscle measurements.
  • The app gives you information about your Visceral fat level.
  • Its tough framework is of high-quality giving it longevity.
  • Is available at affordable prices.

The positive reviews regarding this product make it the most reliable product on this list which also comes at pocket-friendly prices.


The fourth one to be on our list is also a pocket-friendly product which is quite attractive to look at. The large LCD makes it easier to take readings and to note down measurements. The high-quality panel glass used increases its longevity making it another product which is reliable to be used on this list.


  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Built is of good-quality making it better than the others.
  • Battery durability is high that is the battery needs to be changed once every 6 months.
  • Functions are easy to be operated and use low power for working.
  • The colour will not fade easily due to the use of silver-coated glass.


The last one to be on our list would be Omron HBF 214. This machine is a body composition monitor which notes down your weight with respect to the body and visceral fat. This machine also allows multi-user mode making it convenient for use in most households. Working at a temperature of 5 to 35⁰C this machine can take weights up to 150kg.


  • Measures the body mass index (BMI) and body fat effectively.
  • Also helps in measuring resting metabolism.
  • Has children friendly algorithm.
  • The storage memory can store about 4 users.
  • Gives accurate measurements, hence better weight management.

The recent reviews regarding this product have been positive and hence we can safely assume that this product would be a smart choice.

Wrapping Up

I earnestly hope that these recommendations will help you in choosing the best Omron weight scale of your choice at an economical price. Before making any purchase please remember your own priorities and make sure you go through the review of each product so that you can make a fair choice.

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