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#1 MEDITIVE Digital #2 MCP #3 RYLAN Electronic
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Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India 2021: We are pretty sure you all have come across a situation once in your life where you had to check the weight of some food item but you could not at that point of time. This is a problem many faces. In the course of making a recipe, we have to put the ingredients in a certain quantity and for measuring that quantity, we need to have a weighing machine. From here, the concept of kitchen weighing machine came in light. Kitchen weighing machines are a great help when you are preparing a recipe and you have to use a fixed quantity of a food item. With the help of a weighing machine, you can easily weigh the quantity of a food item and use it accordingly.

It is also a great help to those who are diet conscious. Those who are keen on maintaining their physique and need a fixed intake on regular intervals can take help of the weighing machine. These people need to take food items in a very fixed quantity and thus they can easily weigh the quantity.

One thing to keep in mind is that the kitchen weighing machines should be one that show accurate results and therefore it is advisable to go for a digital weighing machine for your kitchen. So here we present top 10 best kitchen weighing machines. But wait, before you proceed on checking the best kitchen weighing machine in India, you must first know what things you should search for in a good weighing machine.

Top Kitchen Weighing Machines

ImageKitchen Weighing ScaleRatingCheck Price Or Buy Now
MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale4.4 out of 5

MCP Kitchen Weighing Machine Digital Stainless Steel4.0 out of 5

RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale3.9 out of 5

Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale4.1 out of 5

Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale3.3 out of 5

Best Kitchen Weighing Machines in India 2021

Now, let us move to the top 10 best kitchen weighing machines in inida:

#1. MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

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The MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale is a good choice for the ones who want to weight small objects every now and then. The machine is light in weight, making it easily portable for the user. It is well designed for small grocery shops and home kitchen. One must note that it cannot take the load above 15Kg. It runs on plug point as well as batteries. However, it is advisable that the buyer shouldn’t use batteries and plug point simultaneously.


  • Lightweight body
  • Bright LCD display
  • Good looks
  • Precised reading


  • Plastic body

#2. MCP Kitchen Weighing Machine 

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The MCP Kitchen Weighing Machine packs in a sturdy brushed SS platform. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the machine features anti-finger technology. The machine is lightweight and water-resistant. The tare function available allows getting the exact weight of the content by clearing the tray weight. You get three options to charge the machine – power plugin, 3 batteries and USB. A USB cable comes included in the box.


  • High precised G-sensor
  • Tare function
  • Metal platform
  • USB cable


  • 3 batteries required

#3.  RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

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The RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale comes with a slash-proof body, making it ideal for humid areas. The machine can bear the load only up to 10Kg and is equipped with a large bright display. It is well crafted for kitchen, mailroom, workshop etc. The sensors of the machine are very accurate, you get the perfect reading. There is a large washable tray present for easy cleaning. The user can toggle different buttons between grams/ ounce/ kilograms/ lbs.


  • Slash proof
  • Large washable tray
  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor
  • Bright display


  • Can hold only up to 10Kg

#4. Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

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The Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale is a China product weighing just 379 grams. It is very compact, occupies very less space and easily fits in. It is a great buy for dieticians, bakers, chefs, food delivers etc, for counting on exact material without fail. Like others, the machine also features the tare function, letting you get the accurate weight of the ingredient/s. The sensors work great and there is a washable tray present for regular cleaning. However, the body is made up of low quality plastic.


  • Lightweight body
  • Quick responding sensors
  • Tare function
  • Large washable tray


  • Low quality plastic body

#5. Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale

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The Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale works like a charm for the ones who follow a quantitative diet regime. It is a lightweight machine with accurate reading, easy to operate. It features a compact design and packs in ABS material sturdy body. It can be used in different ways say, baking, cooking, jewellery etc. The machine comes at a budget-friendly price as there are a lot of other products with a higher price in comparison to this.


  • Value for money
  • Lightweight body
  • Tare function
  • Compact design


  • Only two units reading

#6. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale 

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The Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale features a small, sleek body which is easy to carry. The scale can weight five different units. It has a holding capacity up to 5Kg and an “Err” indication knocks when overloaded. It comes with a high precision sensor and the LCD display reading is also bright. However, one of the major drawback points of the machine is that it can only be operated from batteries, not plug point.


  • One year warranty
  • Multi-unit reading
  • Precise sensor
  • Tare function


  •  No plug point

 #7. Generic digital weighing scale

This digital weighing machine comes with various features. Firstly, it uses a system of strain gauges so that accurate results can be shown. Secondly, it has the tare function so the weight of utensil can be excluded. Thirdly, it also has the function of switching the measuring units. Fourthly, it has a maximum Weighing capacity of 10 kilograms. Thus, this machine is one of the best weighing machines and is on top of our list and it should be on the top in your list too.

#8. Digital kitchen scale by Health Sense

This best kitchen weighing scale has a maximum Weighing capacity of only 5 kilograms. This is a bit compromising feature but it has other functions as well that cover this limitation of the machine. This machine is built of really good quality material which does not pose any harm to the quality of food. Additionally, it has the tare functionality also as well as unit changing button. Also, one attractive feature of this machine is that it comes with blue backlight so the screen can easily be seen in dark also. It also comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer.

#9. Metro electronic digital weighing machine

This best kitchen digital weighting machine is truly amazing and is full of utility features. First things first, what makes this machine more useful is the addition of a bowl on the weighing tray. Yes, you need not engage a utensil for keeping an item and then weighing it. You can directly put the item in the bowl given with this machine. This machine also has an appealing design and comes in a very compact size. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 7 kilograms and that is satisfactory. It also has the option to switch between units.

#10. Bulfyss kitchen weighing machine

Another machine in our list is the electronic kitchen weighing machine from the makers of BULFYSS. This machine also is packed with various features like unit switching, tare function, etc. Also, it has the maximum weighing capacity of 10 kilograms and that is more than enough. It also comes with one year warranty.

#11. Zaap Eatsmart kitchen digital weighing machine

This product from Zaap surpasses all the other weighing machines when it comes to waterproofing. Yes, this machine is waterproof and spill proof. This single feature makes this machine stand aside. Else, we get every other features that we get in almost all other machines. It has the tare function, unit switching option, etc. Also, it comes with one year warranty from the side of manufacturers.

#12. Health Sense KS 50

This is another model from the makers of Health Sense. The tray of this particular weighing machine is quite large and it has a maximum weighing capacity of 5 kilograms. It has a purple background light and it shows the reading in white colour. Overall, the product looks extremely premium and stylish. This product also comes with one year warranty.

#13. Equal digital weighing scale for kitchens

Okay, if you have a joint family and you need to cook a heavy quantity, then you should definitely go for this equal weighting machine. The reason we are emphasizing this particular machine is that it comes with a whopping weighing capacity of 25 kilograms!! No other machine in our list is as much efficient in terms of Weighing capacity as this one. Not only does it comes with this much Weighing capacity, but also it has a durable body and an attractive look altogether.

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India 2021: Buying Guide

  • Large tray-

Before you choose a weighing machine for your kitchen, be sure to check that the particular weighing machine has a large base so that large bowls or large food items can easily be kept on it and be weighed accurately. Many households purchase a machine by just going on its appearance rather than checking the base size.

  • Weighing capacity of the machine-

The weighing capacity of the machine is also a great determining factor while purchasing one. Normally, the standard weight capacity of kitchen weighing machines are limited to 5 kilograms but that is often not sufficient. Sometimes, there are certain food items that can weigh more than 5 kilograms. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for a machine which gives a weighing capacity of somewhere around 10 kilograms.

  • Functions-

There are basically two very important functions you should check in a weighing machine. The first one is the tare function that enables you to reset the value to zero so that you get the actual weight of the item. With the tare function enabled, the bowl’s weight is excluded and thus the results are more precise. Another important function is continued weighing function. It helps you to get accurate measurement even when the item is in course of cooking.

  • Unit of measurement-

Most weighing machines come up with a feature where you can weigh the item in two or more different units. This is really helpful as in the course of preparing a recipe, you may come across items with various units. Therefore, this unit function is really great and you must check the machine if it has the function of displaying weight in multiple units or not. It will be a great help to especially those who refer to recipe books because these recipe books may show one unit in, say, kilograms and the other one in pounds.

  • Fluid measurement function-

This is a rare feature but a very useful one. If you get this feature in any machine, then go for it. Fluid mechanism helps you to weigh the quantity of any liquid, the density of which is more or less equal to the density of water. If this feature will be available in a machine, the price of that machine will be a bit high but it will be value for money.

  • Display-

When you go for purchasing a machine, ask the seller to switch it on, then place something on the tray and check whether the display is showing the numbers clearly or not. If the display is blurry or dim, then avoid purchasing that machine at any cost. There is absolutely no use of purchasing a machine where you have to literally stare at the display to read the measurement.

  • Machine size-

A machine will be useful and will stand on utility-scale only if it is compact in size. A compact machine will be easy to be placed in a kitchen and it will be convenient for the user too.

  • Waterproof-

Unlike a normal weighing machine, the weighing machines should be waterproof as in the course of using it, liquids may splash on them and may damage the functioning of the machine.

Frequently Ask Questions About Kitchen Weighing Scale  

How Do I Use A Kitchen Scale?

To operate a kitchen scale is very easy. The user can place any single food item in limited quantity by placing it directly into the machine to check the weight. Say, for example, a dozen bananas, three apples etc.

What is the Capacity of A Kitchen Weighing Scale?

There are a lot of different kitchen weighing scales with a different weight holding capacity. No doubt, a higher-priced weighing machine can hold more weight say up to 20Kgs. On the other hand, a low budget compact weighing machine can hold up to only 5Kgs

Can I Place my Bowl on Kitchen Scale to Measure Quantity?

Yes, there is a tare function button present on the weighing machine. Below are the steps mentioned:-

  • The user needs to put the bowl on the weighing scale.
  • First press the button “T” and put the tray on the scale.
  • Then press the “T” button again to clear the tray weight.
  • Now place the contents in the bowl for weighing.

You can now get the exact scale reading for food items, be it individual, a dozen or a mixture of ingredients.

How do I Clean Kitchen Scale?

The large washable tray present in weighing machines are designed with anti-fingering technology. Thereby, it becomes easy for the user to clean it every now and then. You can clean the tray with a wet cloth very often without any hesitation.

My Kitchen Scale doesn’t seem to be working, what do I do?

  • The first thing to do is to check whether the wire is properly plugged in.
  • If the plugin is proper and it is still not working then restart the machine.
  • If that does not help then switch off and plug out the machine. Wait for five minutes, again plug in and start.
  • If that doesn’t help too, then call up the customer care and ask for help.
  • Do not experiment upon the hardware parts as it may make the warranty void.

The Kitchen Scale shows inaccurate weight, what to do?

If the kitchen scale shows inaccurate weight then restart your machine. If the problem still persists, then ring up the customer care asking for servicemen. If things don’t go either way and your product is still under warranty, then ask the customer care for a replacement or refund.

What are the Units that I can Measure in a Kitchen Scale?

Basically, the Indian standard weight is counted upon Kgs which is a common unit for all weighing machines. Including that, a high cost weighing machine offers five multi units – g, kg, lb, oz and ml. But there are a few machines which offer only four units – g, kg, lb and oz. However, there are low priced weighing machines which offers just three unit reading – kg, g and oz.

How accurate are kitchen scales?

Nowadays, in the smart technology world, the companies are building highly précised sensors for its customers. Almost all the kitchen scales present in the market provide accurate reading. However, there are a few fake products which promises to feature accurate reading but fail completely. One needs to beware from these false products.

Is there a Zero Function on Kitchen Scale?

Yes, there is a zero function present in weighing machines. This is known as the tare function. It means you can place the bowl and tare the machine to zero reading. Sometimes, this function also comes in handy for resetting the count when the reading is inaccurate.

Is there an Auto Shut Feature on the Kitchen Scale?

Yes, kitchen scales do feature auto shut down in order to save the battery life. However, one must not get it wrong here, assuming that a wire plugin would also support auto shut down. The auto shut down feature is available only for battery run and not wire plugged in.

How Do I Store the Kitchen Scale?

Kitchen weighing machines are light in weight. They are very small and compact. It is very easy for the user to place it inside a cupboard or shelf.

Which Scale Should I Buy? Digital or Analog?

Both are good but in today’s market, digital scales have already won the race leaving the analog scales behind. Digital scale machines are simple, convenient, easy to operate. On the other hand, an analog scale can never give the accurate reading up to two decimal units.

Is there an Error Induced in Readings?

In today’s competitive world, big companies are trying hard to deliver the best products. They manufacture weighing machines in such a way that you the utmost accurate reading without any failure. However, sometimes an error might follow up in a machine due to unusual hardware problems. A hardware or software problem can rise up at any point of time. This is very natural that electronic parts come with no guarantee.

What are pocket scales used for?

As the name suggest, ‘pocket scales’ are ones which easily fits in your ‘pocket’. It is a tiny scale used for measuring small objects. It is used in schools, jewelers, laboratories etc.

Final Words

With this, we come to an end of out top 10 best kitchen weighing machines in India. The ranking is done according to use product specifications, user reviews and durability. We hope you find the list and also the guide, useful and we are pretty sure that it will help you in purchasing the right weighing machine for your kitchen. Thank you for reading!!

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