Which Weighing Scale is More Accurate for Measuring Body Weight? Analog or Digital?

There has been an everlasting debate on whether to choose the traditional weighing machine or to switch to the modern weighing machine. Both the weighing machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. In some areas, the analogue weighing machines surpass the digital weighing machine and vice versa.

The analogue weighing machine is often called the traditional weighing machine since it is the first-ever known machine to check weight. It is in use for decades and is still one of the best weighing machines. It has its own reputed position in the market. It is till date known to be one of the most reliable weighing machines, even when the market is filled with advanced digital weighing machines. It is aptly said that old is gold and that is definitely true in the case of analogue weighing machine.

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Whereas if we talk about the digital weighing machines, these machines are the advanced versions of analogue weighing machines. They show the readings digitally and hence, the readings are exact and become very easy to be read. Digital weighing machines are, no doubt, advanced versions and thus they provide added features which facilitate people to know other relevant facts such as body mass weight, fat ratio, etc.

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Digital Weighing Scale Vs Analog Weighing Scale

Still, for a better and clear understanding, we have distinguished both the weighing machines in points:

  • It is known that digital weighing machines are more accurate when it comes to reading. It is because the digital weighing machine uses chips and an assembly of strain gauges which help in giving accurate results. On the other hand, the analogue weighing machine uses springs and needle to indicate the weight. The spring may get damaged due to normal wear and tear and thus the reading will be inaccurate. But this is not the case with Digital weighing machines.
  • The digital weighing machine, unlike the analogue weighing machine, gets very much less damaged due to normal wear and tear. The analogue weighing scale uses such parts which may get rusted or the springs may get loose due to constant force exerted or the needle may get broken anytime. But, the digital weighing machine does not face any such obstacles. It is highly reliable and can work for more than 6 years.
  • The digital weighing scale helps us to know the exact reading. This is possible because the digital weighing machine uses a digital display on which digits appear when a person stands on the weighing plate. These digits are exact numbers and hence are very easy to understand. Also, they give result in decimals also, therefore, the exact weight is shown. But in the analogue machine, the reading fluctuates because the needle keeps moving.
  • Last but not the least, the digital weighing machine gives additional features which are completely absent in an analog digital machine. Features like body mass ratio, fat ratio, water percentage, etc. can only be found in a digital weighing machine.

Thus, it is evident from the above comparison that the digital weighing machine wins the competition. Obviously, it has to win. The more advanced object will definitely surpass the older version. So this was a comparison done by us to give you all a clear picture of which machine is better. We hope you agree with our views. Thank you for reading!!

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