Digital Weighing Scale Vs Analog Weighing Scale: Pros & Cons

Weighing Scale is mainly two type Digital and Analog. The argument as to whether analog weighing scale is more preferable or the digital weighing scale has been a never-lasting one. Each of the two has its own positives and negatives and to choose one between the two, one should be clearly aware of the goods and bads of both the weighing machines. Therefore, to facilitate the users of knowing the pros and cons of both the weighing machines, we have analyzed the two machines and then listed their pros and cons:

Let’s See about Digital Weighing Scale

Pros of Digital Weighing Scale

  1. Genuine And Reliable: These digital weighing machines are known to be authentic, reliable and they give genuine readings. This electronic system is so designed that each and every time you turn it on, they are automatically calibrated. This device has proved itself to be one with the most reliable and unbiased reading.
  2. Handy And Comfortable To Use: This electronic device is very easy and handy when it comes to usage.  The device can be easily switched on with press of a single button. You use it and when the task of weighing is over, it automatically shuts down.
  3. Accurate Measurement And Durability: This device is also known for its durability. It is built with good quality material and is long lasting even after rough usage. Also, it gives accurate weights and is very much definitive in terms of weighing. These electronic machines come with warranties and so failure of their system is a rare chance.
  4. Extra Facility: These machines not only measure the weights, but also come with additional exciting features that help a person to know other relevant facts and figures. You may know additional things like BMR, fat which is impossible in an analog machine.
  5. Gossamer: The digital weighing machine is light in weight and very comfy to carry anywhere anytime. These machines can be kept at homes with minimal interference in the daily chores and also come in various appealing designs.

Cons of Digital Weighing Scale

  1. Batteries: The main drawback of these machines is that they require cells to operate. That simply means if you are stuck in an area where you have no batteries, then this device is completely useless for you. If you need to use this device in urgent conditions, be sure you are ready with the batteries.
  2. Monetary Value: The monetary value of this machine is something not everyone can afford. Therefore, purchase of these machines by street vendors is quite difficult as they might have to spend a major portion of their earning. Here, analog weighing scale wins the competition.
  3. Judgement: The calibration of this electronic gadget is a sort of a bit irritating as sometimes, it is difficult to manually adjust the settings and an error may lead to misleading results.

Let’s find out about Analog Weighing Machine

Pros of Analog Weighing Scale

  1. No Cell: Yes, the most beneficiary side of analog weighing machine is that it does not require any batteries, not even a single battery!! This makes the machine preferable than the digital one. You may take it even in remote areas and you will still be able to use it without any batteries.
  2. Eased Functionally: There is no mechanism such as calibration and all and this makes it a great device to be used. You neither have to switch the machine on nor have to do any settings. You just need to measure the weights.
  3. Simplified Readings: Unlike the digital weighing machine, the analog machine does not display digits, rather it has numbers printed and a big needle measures the object on the plate and points on the number. It is very simple to observe the weight.

Cons of Analog Weighing Scale

  1. Accuracy Disputes: There has been a dispute on the effective accuracy of this device and it is probably correct to a certain extent. The digital weighing machine shows the exact reading in digits thus simplifying it for the readers. But analog device shows the reading with the help of a needle which fluctuates frequently thus making readers confused regarding the result.
  2. Less Durable: The analog weighing machine works with a needle which in turn works with the help of spring and other small parts which may get damaged by time due to normal wear and tear. And if the parts of machine get disturbed, the results will surely be distorted.
  3. Its Own Weight: The machine that is used for weighing others weights is itself very heavy when compared to the digital machine. So this is again a negative side of this machine.

So, here were the few pros and cons of both the machines. Now, it will be easier for you to identify the weighing machine according to your requirements. before buying any weighing scale check that weighing scale review completely.

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