What is Digital Weighing Scale? How does it Work?

Digital weighing machine is a modern machine which helps us to check our weight. It works on some electronic chipsets and help us to know our exact weight. Digital weighing machines have come in place of the old analog weighing machines. They both have the same function, only the way to perform that function is different.

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Digital weighing machines are just a replacement for analog weighing machines and this replacement has not taken place overnight. There is a reason to it. The analog weighing machine has been used since decades and now was the need to have a more efficient and modern weighing machine. Of course, with the passing of time and increased technological advances, the intelligent brains out there tried something new and they came up with this digital weighing machine.

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The main difference between an analog weighing machine and a Digital weighing machine is that the analog weighing scale uses springs, needle and a metre to indicate the weight. On the other hand, a digital weighing machine uses a digital screen to show the readings. Digital weighing machine is more easy to use since it shows the exact weight in numbers rather than a needle which keeps moving constantly.

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Now, let us have a look on the mechanism of a Digital weighing machine. Like the mechanism of the analog weighing scale, the digital weighing scale’s mechanism is also interesting and needs to be known to everyone who is keen on checking his or her weight regularly. So here is the exact mechanism of the digital weighing machine and we have tried to explain it in the simplest way possible:

  • First of all, you need to know that there is a load cell inside the digital weighing machine. A load cell is nothing but an assembly of four strain gauges which are arranged in a manner that depicts a wheat stone bridge format.
  • In case you are unaware of the meaning of strain gauges, just know that they are devices inside the digital weighing machine that have a unique property of adjusting their resistance when an outer force is applied. The outer force is nothing but the force which we exert when we stand on the digital weighing machine.
  • This load cell is connected to an amplifier. So, when an outer force is exerted, these gauges adjust their resistance. This resistance generates an output, this output is then amplified by the amplifier.
  • Thereon, a digital filter is used to filter the output thus produced after amplifier does its work.
  • Now, the filtered output is sent to ADC. The filtered output is in analog form and it is sent to the ADC so that it may be converted from analog to digital format thus making it easier for the user to read.
  • One thing to note regarding this is that a digital weighing machine, unlike the traditional weighing machine, works on batteries. The batteries that are most commonly preferred are AAA batteries. Everything is electronic and so the batteries provide current in the entire circuit which in turn helps the load cell to do its work.

So this was the basic concept of the mechanism of a digital weighing machine. The mechanism of a digital weighing machine is surely a bit complex when compared to analog weighing machine but it gives exact reading in digital numbers and so the readers find it easy to read. Since, the digital weighing machine is an advanced form of analog weighing machine, the former will surely be more comfortable and easy to use than the latter. In addition to it, the digital weighing machine is more user interactive since it comes with various other features like temperature, body mass weight, fat percentage, etc. Also, due to more advanced mechanism and a packet full of features, this weighing machine becomes a bit costlier as compared to the old analog weighing machine.

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