Types and Capacity of Weighing Scale for Shop

What is the best type of weighing scale for my shop? How can I cure my losses by weighing and selling the perfect measures? What is the perfect weighing scale for my shop/godown/mall?

As a trader/salesman/shop owner you must have always wondered what it would be like to have the most proper weighing scale for your shop. Weighing scales are the most efficient way to weigh and sell/receive your products.

It minimizes errors and losses due to improper weighing of products. It is a must-have in all shopping centres, Mall, godown etc.

There are many different types of weighing scales that can be used in shopping centres, malls and godowns etc. for different purposes. The weighing scales differ from each other by their categories and their design.

Commercially all the weighing scales that are used have different purposes and are divided into different categories. The categories are based on the sizes and design of the weighing scales. The weighing scales also differ by usage.


You can use a variety of scales for different purposes but choose one that is easy to use and is helpful for your shop.

Thus the different type and capacity of the weighing scale for shops is as follows:-

Types of Commercial Weighing Scales and Their Capacity

Platform Scales

These types of weighing scales are used by large shopping malls and godowns. They come first on my list because they are very important when it comes to accuracy.

These platform scales are used when there is a very large quantity of goods to be weighed. It is very important to take into consideration as the weighing scale is very precise.

There is both a manual and digital way of weighing the products on platform scales. These scales are usually found in godowns and places where the products are sold at a wholesale rate. The scales are very precise and you might find that the limit of these scales is 500 kilograms.

Tabletop scales

Tabletop scales are the most used scales ever to be found in shopping centres. These types of scales are found in your local shop and you might see that they are present on the counter. They are very light weighted and you can use them without any discomfort. Plus they are very precise and give accurate results.

So if you have a retail shop then you can use this tabletop scales. It is very helpful in measuring small quantities. The limit of the tabletop scales is about 120 kilograms. The reading of the tabletop scales is sometimes difficult to read as there is somehow only one monitor to read the weights and it is positioned in such a way that only the seller can read it.

Analytical balance:-

This is a very precise form of scale that is used in only those places where accuracy is of utmost importance. You can find an analytical balance in a laboratory or at a jewellery shop. This can measure up to 4 and 5 decimal places. It is surprisingly very light weighted and is only limited to 10 kilograms. The force of gravity also doesn’t affect the analytical balance as it has its own scale which helps to stabilize the readings. Another place where analytical balance is used is in the kitchen where you have to weigh the recipe to make good dishes.


LCD weighing scales:-

These types of weighing scales are very similar to that tabletop weighing scales. The only difference between LCD weighing scales and tabletop weighing scales is that the tabletop weighing scales does not have an LCD display which would help the customer to identify the amount he or she is purchasing.

LCD weighing scales are very useful as they have greater performance and stability as compared to their counterparts which are the tabletop weighing scales. These scales have a long erected stand with the monitor on the top which displays the scale units on both sides, thus it makes it comfortable to be used.

Computerized Weighing Scales

These types of scales are the most advanced weighing scales which are available on that counter. These types of scales are a combination of LCD weighing scales and tabletop weighing scales. In computerized weighing scales, you may find that the product has so many other features attached to the weighing unit.

There is also a printer attached to a weighing scale which may help the shop owner to print out the receipt when he is weighing the product.

This type of weighing scale has a limit of 120 kilograms. If you are a retailer and you want to invest in the scales then it is very much easier for you to buy this computerized version of the weighing scale because it helps you to generate a receipt plus it may even help you to calculate your required amount.

Spring Scale

The most common type of scales that are ever found in the market is the spring scale. You might find that the spring scales are not that much accurate but they are used quite often because they are very cheap. The spring scales are available in two different models which are digital and manual. The digital model contains a small LED screen which denotes the amount of product that is to be weighted. The manual version contains a small needle that denotes the weight. The only con in this is that you have to buy different types of weights to weight against your product.

As compared to other weighing scales the accuracy of this scale is very low. But when it comes to usability this type of scale is very unique and can be used for a long period of time.

Vehicle Scales

You must have seen signs on the road which says ‘weigh station ahead’. These signs are available on almost many highways in the country. This type of weighing scales is used for weighing vehicles and very huge quantities of products which are transported via big containers.

They are gigantic scales that can weigh almost an elephant. They are usually used for safety instructions on vehicles that are somehow overloaded and can’t be taken for bridges or roads because if taken it would harm the bridge/road. The limit of these scales is almost about 25 ton.

Wrapping Up…

So, this was the list of the most used commercial scales available in the market. You must only choose that scale that is helpful for your job or is aligned with your needs and budget. Personally, I would recommend the computerized weighing scales as they would be a tremendous help at the shop. Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope that you liked it. In case you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Happy weighing!

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